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Chicken Plucker

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Feathers To Finesse with VEVOR's Chicken Pluckers

With hundreds of feathers of different sizes on the chicken's inner and outer parts, it seems baffling that hundreds of them can be clean and featherless in minutes.

A chicken plucker is a poultry machine that helps in effectively removing feathers from slaughtered chickens. Also known as poultry pluckers, a chicken plucker can work for turkey, ducks, or any other poultry bird.

VEVOR is a top-quality brand that produces chicken feather pluckers that improve efficiency and ensure hygiene. Also, you can be rest assured of your bird remaining intact with only the feathers gone while using VEVOR's Chicken Plucker.

How Does A Chicken Plucker Work?

After a chicken is slaughtered and cleaned, it is soaked in hot water to loosen the feathers. After loosening the feathers, the chicken is placed into the plucker's tub or drum. A rubber finger that is inside the drum is used to rub the chicken enough to agitate the removal of the feathers without destroying the chicken.

When the machine is turned on, it starts moving in a way that activates the drum. The rubber finger then catches the feathers, pulling them out of the chicken as the machine simultaneously expels them. This leaves the chicken mostly feather-free, but a manual inspection can be performed to remove anything the machine missed. Also, the chicken will be rinsed.

What Are The Different Types Of Chicken Pluckers?

There are different poultry needs for chicken pluckers. While some poultries need pluckers large enough to process birds in large quantities for commercial purposes, some people need a machine to help them do an easier processing job. Therefore, there are tons of chicken plucker types.

A. Drum Pluckers

Drum Pluckers are commercial chicken pluckers that can handle a significant number of birds. They are wet pluckers, meaning the chicken must have been dipped into water before being introduced to them.

B. Finger Pluckers

Finger chicken pluckers can process different amounts of birds based on their size. It can be a small-scale or large-scale plucker. It is typically a wet plucker, so the plucking process is less damaging to the bird.

C. Air-based Plucker 

Air-based chicken depluckers are designed to use compressed air for chicken plucking. Unlike the wet method, which uses water, this only uses air, which is the dry method.

D. Combination Pluckers 

Combination pluckers use a mixture of water and air to process the chicken.  

E. DIY Pluckers 

Some people make their own chicken pluckers, using knowledge of existing pluckers. These pluckers may vary based on the makers and the material used. They can be cheaper but can be less efficient. Instead, they can be tailored toward individual needs.

What Should I Check Before Purchasing A Chicken Plucker?

Before purchasing a poultry plucker, it is important to consider some factors. Careful consideration and the right answer will let you know the best plucker to buy to serve you efficiently. Here are some of the factors:

● Processing Capacity 

The first and most important thing to consider when buying a chicken plucker is its processing capability. Ensure you buy a plucker that can efficiently work for your farming scale, even if it is more expensive.

● Plucking Method

Another thing to consider is the plucking method. Ensure the plucking method is one that works for you and won't damage your birds. For instance, you should not get a wet plucker if water is scarce around you.

● Power Source

Also, ensure that the power source of the plucker is one that works for you. For instance, getting an electric chicken plucker will be foolhardy when you stay in a place with an irregular electricity supply.

● Price And Budget

It is important to consider your budget and match it to the price of a plucker before purchasing it. This will help you make better financial decisions. For instance, you can get a cheap chicken plucker if you are starting out and upgrading to a better one as time passes.

● Durability And Quality

You should go for a durable chicken plucker made with the best materials. For instance, VEVOR's chicken pluckers do not only guarantee durability, but they also offer a wàrà tee to back it up.

How Do I Maintain My Chicken Plucker?

Chicken pluckers are essential in poultry processing. Therefore, they must be properly maintained to keep them in optimum condition and ensure they are efficient. Here are some of the things you should do to maintain your feather plucker:

    1. Clean it regularly, removing debris and leftovers to prevent clogging or dirt buildup.

    2. Disinfect the chicken plucker machine regularly to keep it germ-free and healthy.

    3. Lubricate movie parts to prevent wear and tear

    4. Inspect components and repair them as soon as you notice a problem. Also, tighten loose parts immediately.

    5. Ensure your drum is properly balanced to prevent or reduce vibrations.

Why choose VEVOR

Getting a chicken plucking machine is your best choice as a poultry owner today. Not only will it drastically reduce the time you spend on plucking feathers, but it will also ensure a consistent level of feather removal.

Using a chicken plucker is also hygienic and can reduce the risks of contamination. In addition, you will spend less than hiring manual labor for feather plucking. This means you spend less but get better quality.

What's even better is buying a feather plucker from VEVOR. We are a trusted brand where you can get the best chicken pluckers at the best prices. Also, VEVOR offers unbeatable warranties, which can help you get more value for your machine even after you have started using it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Pluckers

1. Can I Use The Plucker For Other Poultry Types?

Yes, pluckers are designed to remove feathers from different types of birds, not just chicken alone. Therefore, you can use your poultry plucker for ducks, turkeys, geese and other bits. However, you may need to adjust the settings or change the fingers or discs to accommodate the size of the bird and feathers.

2. Do you have to boil a chicken before plucking it?

Boiling is one of the common plucking methods used to pluck a chicken. However, not every chicken plucker machine uses the boiling method.

3. What size of chicken pluckers do I need to buy?

The size of the chicken plucker you have to buy depends on your processing capacity, budget and intended efficiency.

4. What are the possible hazards of using a chicken plucker?

Chicken plucking machines are relatively safe. However, one can face some dangers if they are not properly used. These include dangers to hands or fingers, electric hazards, flying debris, etc. Therefore, you must be careful and be properly trained when using a chicken machine plucker. 

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