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Garlic Peeler Machine

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Garlic processing necessitates peeling garlic since garlic peel is undesirable to consume. When dealing with a large number of garlic, the time and effort required to manually peel each clove might become prohibitive, making this procedure unfavorable for commercial products. be unpleasant. A garlic peeler machine is designed to electronically strip the skin from garlic bulbs and is frequently used within firms that manufacture garlic foods. The garlic peeler machine from VEVOR is the most advanced and efficient option for peeling garlic cloves.

  • VEVOR 110V Whole Garlic Peeling Machine Electric

VEVOR 110V Whole Garlic Peeling Machine is made from stainless steel, making it extremely hard-wearing and solid for commercial use. Its premium-built motor comes with a motor power of 200W, with a 25 kilogram per hour speed of peeling. This whole garlic peeler machine is fit for both domestic and commercial use.

  • VEVOR 110V Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine

Highly tensile and corrosion-proof, the garlic peeler machine on sale has won widespread acclaim. Stainless steel construction ensures long service life and robust usage. This top-tier 200-watt motor allows rapid garlic peeling by rotating at a rate of up to 15 kilograms per hour. It is not only simple to use and maintain but also useful in both professional and domestic settings.

Specifications of Different Garlic Peeler Machine Products 

1. VEVOR 110V Whole Garlic Peeling Machine Electric

This Whole Garlic Peeling Machine is constructed out of stainless steel, and it has a production capacity of 25 KG/H while also having a peeling efficiency of 95%. It has a motor power of 200W while it is in operation. This device has dimensions of 24 by 24 by 48 cm, and it has a product weight of 8.5 kilos or 19 pounds.

2. VEVOR 110V Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine

This second type of garlic peeler machine that we provide at VEVOR is likewise constructed out of stainless steel. It has an output of 15 KG/H and a peeling rate of 95%, just like the first type. The motor power of this device is likewise the same as the whole garlic peeling machine, which is 200W; however, the product dimensions of this device are 8 inches by 8 inches by 20.5 inches.

Main Features and Functionality of Garlic Peeler Machines 

The garlic peeling machines sold by VEVOR are unique in the market. They are built with the customer in mind and with consideration for their needs. This automated garlic peeler machine is built to last with premium features such as: 

  • FINEST MATERIAL - Embraces strong food-grade stainless steel material, making it resistant to oxidation and requiring little in the way of upkeep.

  • HIGH-POWERED MOTOR - With its high-powered motor, the premium electric garlic peeler can achieve a peeling rate of up to 25 kilometers per hour. Approximately 95% of the skin may be peeled off.

  • EASY TO HANDLE PEELER SYSTEM - Simple to use, clean, and operate the fully automated dry-peeling system. When the peel garlic machine is opened and the entire garlic is poured in, the garlic kernel is instantly available from the machine's bottom exporter. And it's a breeze to wipe off after use.

  • LARGE RADIATOR - The machine's huge radiator at its base allows for efficient thermal conduction. The unique silicone substance forms a cross, making this garlic peeler/separator ideal for the job. 

  • TRANSPORTABLE HANDLE - The electric garlic peeler has a handle for easy transportation.

  • NON SLIP FOOT PAD – The non slip foot pad prevents it from sliding around.

Benefits of Garlic Peeler Machines 

These garlic peeler machine products are tailored to the user's needs and preferences. They have the following advantages:  

1. The electric peeler machine is made of durable stainless steel, which gives it the ability to resist corrosion and makes it very solid.

2. Its quality 200W motor can peel 15-25 kg of garlic per hour. 95% peels. The rate is much higher in dry garlic peel.

3. The unique garlic separator spins the garlic peel and kernels to allow for optimal automatic processing of the product. If you put the whole garlic clove through the machine that peels garlic, both the skin and the kernels will be easily separated. The garlic peel will be dislodged as a result of the exporting side air departure.

4. The pace at which it peels is really quick.

5. The device produces less noise than other products.

6. The peeler has a sophisticated design, with lateral handles that make it transportable, a large bottom heater that is implanted to increase the lifespan of the product, and non-slippery rubber feet that assist the equipment in remaining stable.

7. It can peel garlic cloves of varying sizes.

Applications of Garlic Peeler Machines

It is possible to utilize dried garlic with the motorized garlic peeler machine, which significantly expands its application potential. You'll need to put in a lot of effort if you want to peel fresh garlic or garlic that has a higher proportion of dampness to its overall volume. It functions very well in a professional environment, for example, a restaurant, hotel, grill restaurant, or coffee shop, for example. Because of its characteristics, it is an excellent choice to be used in the home kitchen.

FAQ About VEVOR's Garlic Peeler Machine (200)

1. What is the motor power of this machine? 

Answer: 200W.  

2. What is the working speed and output of this garlic peeler machine?

Answer: They can peel garlic at 15 or 25 kg/H. The peeling rate is about 95%. 

3. What is the package content of this product?

Answer: The package includes 1 x Garlic Peeler Machine

4. What materials is the machine made up of?

Answer: Primarily, VEVOR's garlic peeler machine is made of stainless steel. Its radiator is made of silicone. 

5. Is this machine 110V? 

Answer: Yes, it is a 110V US plug.

6. Why is there a price difference between the two garlic peeler machine products when they have the same features? 

Answer: The main difference between the two products is in their outputs. One has an output of 15 kg/hr, while the other has an output of 25 kg/hr.  

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