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Cup Sealing Machine

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It is common practice to use disposable cups for the filling of beverages such as water, juices, and milk products such as yogurt and cream. Businesses with a manufacturing demand of around 500-650 cups per hour may benefit from the comfortable sealing solution offered by the manual, automatic, and semi-automatic cup sealing machine. As an option, given its small size and portability, it might be helpful at eating establishments like restaurants and cafes for closing take-out containers.
When it involves dealing with cups in the store, we utilize a plastic cup sealing machine, which is an instrument employed for most bubble tea businesses to boost profit and efficiency. It is a piece of equipment that heats the ring and melts the respective sides of the plastic container and/or films in order to establish a tight seal on the plastic film that is placed over the plastic containers.
VEVOR Semi-automatic Cup Sealing Machine, 300-500 Cup/h
VEVOR Semi-automatic Cup Sealing Machine, 300- 500 Cup/h Tea
VEVOR Automatic Cup Sealing Machine 90/95 mm Cup
VEVOR Cup Sealing Machine 95mm Bubble Tea Machine Automatic 500-650 cups/h
VEVOR Manual Tea Cup Sealer Machine, 300-500 Cup/h
VEVOR Manual Tea Cup Sealer Machine, 300-500 Cup/h
VEVOR White Fully Automatic Cup Sealer Machine

Types of Cup Sealing Machines
1. Manual
The tea cup sealing machine has a handlebar that is intended to be versatile, which enables you to achieve perfect sealing on the cups using just straightforward manual control.
2. Semi- automatic
To guarantee that the seal is applied correctly, the teacup sealer machine is equipped with an electrical laser eye that can monitor the film's location. In addition, the amount of time that the seal is applied and the temperature at which it is applied may both be manually modified. This will save time while also avoiding complaints from clients, which will result in your image being elevated to a whole new level.
3. Automatic
Complete automation of this type of cup-sealing machine ensures a safe and comfortable working environment.

Main Features and Functionality of Cup Sealing Machine
The following functional features are offered by VEVOR's Cup Sealing Machine:
The construction is made-duty and heavy long-lasting stainless steel, which gives dependability at a commercial level and is able to withstand corrosion, rusting, alkalis, and acids. Rubberized feet are robust and anti-wear. It looks similar to white paint.
There are two modes of operation: manual and automatic. In a few seconds, the cup will mechanically seal itself completely. Full automation ensures a safe and comfortable working environment. You may make changes and adjustments to the settings using the power management interface. It is possible to conceal the counting mechanism.
This cup sealer is appropriate for use with PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC, and paper cups. In addition to being able to seal 95MM PP cups, it also seals 90MM pet cups when the appropriate cup adapters are used. Movable cup tray that can accommodate a variety of various-sized cups.
The machine is built with a security defense system to safeguard workers when the hand is moved, as well as an electrically powered eye to follow the location of the film to assure precision. This allows the machine to provide accurate results.

Benefits and Applications of Cup Sealing Machine
The machine is perfect for use in beverage stores, restaurants, and factories that produce beverages since it is intended to seal cup drinks such as milk tea, soybean, iced and hot coffee, smoothies, and other similar beverages. of the ways in which the users of these cups sealing devices benefit:
This machine has a long service life because it is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, rust, acid, and alkali. It can also handle harsh environments without being damaged.
Rubberized feet are resistant to wear and slippage, maintaining their stability.
The machine is simple to use regardless of the passenger flow stage since it is outfitted with a digital display and a touchscreen control panel. Additionally, the equipment operates in either an automatic or manual mode. The temperature should be adjusted to a variety of cup materials.
After turning on the machine, the cup pallet will pull out, and a light will illuminate to indicate that it is heating; after inserting the cup, the pallet will move back in.
Roll film scrolls with an independent design, films that are straightforward to install, one scroll for the new film, and another scroll for the old film.
Sturdy in addition to being adjustable. The film used to seal cups is not included in the package. Appropriate for use with PP and PET films.
It is essential for the sealing film to travel over the electric eye sensor, ensuring that there is perfect alignment at the seal and minimal sealing error.
The motion picture is relatively smooth. To satisfy the needs of the customers, carefully seal the cups.

FAQS About Cup Sealing Machine
1. What are the different varieties of cup-sealing machines at VEVOR?
Answer. Our cup-sealing machine streamlines the procedure and produces hermetic packaging in an instant, ensuring that the contents' flavor and fragrance are preserved.
Cup sealers that rely on manual labor. A worker fills a cup, sets it in the machine, adds the sealing substance, and then pulls a lever to begin the process.
Cup sealing equipment with some degree of automation. The machine uses pre-measured ingredients to fill the cups, which are then sealed airtight with foil. All the worker has to do is place and remove the cups in and out.
Cup sealing devices that seal themselves automatically. The elimination of cup filling, storage, and removal is a welcome relief. Everything can be completed by the machine without the need for human intervention. Automatic sealing machines are the most costly, but they're also the most efficient and high-volume.

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