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Angle Grinder

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Angle Grinder

Are you looking to cut tiles or grind the paint off an old pipe? If yes, then the VEVOR angle grinder can be a good option for you. Our powerful angle grinders are made with quality materials to handle all types of cutting, grinding, and polishing jobs. VEVOR angle grinder can manage all the tasks your current project presumes. Our tools are very easy to use and easy to carry as well.

Applications of Angle Grinder

Some common applications of angle grinders include:

Grinding: Removing excess material or smoothing out rough surfaces

Cutting: Cutting through materials such as metal, tile, and concrete.

Sanding: Using sanding discs to remove rust, paint, or other surface materials.

Sharpening: Sharpening blades or other cutting tools.

Polishing: Using polishing pads to shine and buff surfaces.

Here are our top-selling products:

Power Angle Grinders

Our power angle grinders are handheld power tools that you can use for cutting, grinding, and polishing surfaces. They have a powerful motor and a rotating abrasive disc. They are versatile tools that can accomplish many tasks.

Powerful Grinder Tool

VEVOR powerful grinder tools are commonly used in construction, metalworking, and fabrication industries. Their powerful motor and rotating abrasive disc can cut, grind, and polish surfaces with ease. Our grinder tools are durable and designed to save time and effort.

Angle Grinders for Cutting

Our angle grinders can be used for cutting various materials. They have a powerful motor and a rotating abrasive wheel, which makes them ideal for cutting metal, concrete, tile, and other hard materials. VEVOR grinders also come with various attachments to suit different cutting applications.

Angle Grinders for Grinding

Angle grinders can grind various materials with ease. They are suitable for various grinding tasks such as metal, concrete, and tile grinding. VEVOR grinders are essential for construction, metalworking, or fabrication projects.

Types of Angle Grinders

Here are the types of angle grinders VEVOR offer:

Small Grinder Tool

Our angle grinder has a powerful motor with 11 Amp and 12000 RPM. You can use it for cutting and grinding metal, stone, wood, plastic, and other materials. Its 360° rotational guard redirects the sparks away from you and eliminates the risk of accidents. Further, there is a paddle switch that ensures emergent shut-off.

Medium Sized Angle Grinder

Our 7-inch angle grinder comes with a variable speed function. You can adjust the speed level from 1 - 6 to meet the different needs of your work. There are labyrinth intake vents on the unit housing and an epoxy-coated motor stator that stop the dust and debris from entering the machine. It is a great tool for your construction business or home repairs.

Large Grinder Tool

VEVOR angle grinder comes with a powerful 15 Amp 8000 RPM motor. Its rotational guard keeps the user out of potential dangers, and the slip-resistant handle offers stability. Also, this grinder tool comes with a variable speed function to meet the different needs of your work.

The Main Features And Functionality Of Angle Grinder

Here are the features of the angle grinder:

Adjustable speed

The speed of our angle grinder tool is adjustable. You can change it from level 1 to level 6 as per the need of your job.

Stable and reliable

Our grinder tools come with a guard that redirects the sparks away from the user and protects you. Also, the handle of our tool helps you stabilize the angel grinder.

Convenient to use

Our every grinder tool is easy to use and safe too. Also, you can carry them anywhere as they are compact and lightweight.


VEVOR grinding tools are made of high-quality material and can last longer.

How to Choose the Best Angle Grinder?

Here are some factors that you should consider while buying an angle grinder:

Grinding speed: Knowing the speed of the angle grinder helps you to decide whether it is powerful or not.

Disc size: Disc size is another factor that plays an important role in the type of job you want to do with a grinder.

Comfort: Look for an angle grinder with a comfortable grip and easy to use controls for better control and less fatigue during use.

Warranty: Choose a well-known brand like VEVOR and look for angle grinders with a warranty to ensure quality products.

FAQs: Angle Grinder

Can an angle grinder be used to cut tile?

Yes, an angle grinder can be used to cut tile with the use of a diamond-tipped tile-cutting disc.

Can I use an angle grinder on a wet surface?

No, angle grinders should only be used on dry surfaces as they can be dangerous when used with water.

How can I prevent dust from scattering when using an angle grinder?

Using a dust collection attachment or a vacuum can help reduce the dust that scatters when using an angle grinder.

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