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Bar Foot Rail Kit

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Bar Foot Rail Kit

A handsome bar foot rail can turn an ordinary bar into an extraordinary place. Bar foot rails are designed to put your guests in comfort while they enjoy their quality time at your bar. 

At VEVOR, we understand the importance of guest experience when it comes to bars. So, we offer you our all-inclusive bar foot rail kits available in different lengths. Our kits come packed with all the necessary brackets, tubing, end caps, and everything you need to install them.

Applications of Bar Foot Rail Kit

VEVOR bar rail kit can be used at the following places:





Residential settings, etc.

Explore our collection for:

Stainless Steel Bar Foot Rail Kit for Floor & Wall:With a sturdy design, an easy installation, and an impressive look, our bar foot rail kit for the floor and wall is a popular choice. The kit comes with combination brackets, which mount to the face of the bar and also rest on the floor. So, you provide extra support and comfort to your guests.

Stainless Steel Wall Bar Foot Rest:This stylish and modern bar foot rail can either be mounted on your bar's face or to the floor in the front. Built from brushed stainless steel, this footrest rail makes a luxurious and convenient addition to any commercial or home bar. It’s available in different lengths, including 5FT and 6FT.

Types of Bar Foot Rail Kit

There are three different types of bar foot rail kits:

Floor Mount:Floor mount bar foot rail mounts to the floor of the bar. It allows you to vary the distance from the face of your bar. But you need to maintain a fixed height of the foot rail with this option.

Bar Mount:This type of bar foot rail mounts to the bar wall. It fixes the distance and height of the foot rail from the face of the bar.

Bar & Floor Mount:As the name suggests, the bar and floor mount foot rail mounts to the bar wall. Plus, it rests on the floor for support.

At VEVOR, you will find all types of bar foot rail kits designed for your specific needs and preferences.

Main Features and Functionality of Bar Foot Rail Kit

Here are the key features of our bar foot rail kits:

Premium stainless steel finish:Every component in our bar foot rail kit is made of authentic stainless steel, which makes the rail sturdy and durable. Brackets feature a brushed design, which adds a classy and luxurious touch to your bar.

Easy to install:VEVOR offers bar foot rail kits that are easy and quick to install. Our kits come packed with all the necessary components, including brackets, connectors, end caps, and tubing. You don't need to call a handyman. You can install the foot rail easily by yourself.

Wall mount/combination brackets:Choose a kit with either wall mount brackets or combination brackets as per your preferences.

Great comfort for your guests:Our foot bar rails make a must-have component for any bar. You and your guests want to be at ease while enjoying their drinks. With our foot rails, guests can put up their feet and experience great comfort. These are both functional and stylish.

How to Choose the Best Bar Foot Rail Kit?

As you see, bar foot rails are integral for any bar. So, make sure you buy them carefully. Key things to consider when choosing a bar foot rail kit are:

Look at the material: You want durable and sturdy material for your bar foot rail. VEVOR assures you of the quality and durability of stainless steel – the material used to engineer our kits.

Don’t forget the finish: Since foot rails are visible to your guests, you want them to be just as stylish. Our brushed stainless steel brackets not only add comfort but also uplift the aesthetics of your bar.

Length & height of the rail: The height of a standard bar foot rail is approximately 6 inches. Make sure you confirm preferred measurements before buying the kit. Measure the height from the floor to the center of the tubing. The center of the rail should be nearly 6 inches off the ground in order to provide enough comfort to bar visitors.

What’s included in the kit: You want the kit to include all the necessary components. So, check before you buy. Check the kit for tubing, brackets, end caps, screws, connectors, etc.

Are Bar Foot Rail Kits Worth It?

Yes. Bar foot rails are worth it if you want to improve your experience at the bar. Located along the exterior of bar counters, these foot rails allow people to rest their feet while they order or enjoy their drinks. So, bar foot rails are all about comfort.

FAQs: Bar Foot Rail Kit

How high should a foot rail be on a bar?

The most common height is about 7 inches. Note that positioning the rail higher than average is better than placing it too low.

How wide should a bar foot rail be?

Bar rail tubing is often available in 1.5” and 2” widths.

What if you're not satisfied with the product?

VEVOR provides 30-day free returns for its products. In case of any issue, you can reach out to VEVOR's 24/7 customer service team.

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