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Compact Bottled Water Dispenser with High Power Pump

A water bottle pump dispenses water at hot or cold temperatures from water bottles. The water bottle pump is a high-power electric suction pump with a refrigerator connection or integrated cooling and heating mechanism. The VEVOR water bottle pump has advanced automatic features with thermal protection. It can dispense water at a high flow of up to 1 gallon water per minute.

The VEVOR water dispenser pump is compact, with easy connectivity and low-noise operation. It has a food-grade PVC body with high heat resistance. Additionally, it has a practical design with a single on-off button and automatic shutdown feature.

Different Water Dispenser Pump Types Available in the Market

If you explore the market, there are multiple water dispenser pump types available. Each water drinking pump has unique features but similar operations. Let's find out more!

Top-Load Water Gallon Pump

In this type of water gallon pump, the water bottle is placed upside-down. These dispensers are easy to use but require the handling of heavy water bottles. These water bottle pumps may also have a temperature control system to dispense hot or cold water. Moreover, you'll easily see top-load water bottle pumps at homes, offices, etc.

Bottom-Load Water Gallon Pump

These water bottle pumps use a feed line that is put inside the water bottle to dispense water. The suction pump helps dispense the water at a high flow rate. These water bottle pumps may or may not have heating and cooling mechanisms. Some of these dispensers take another feed from the refrigerator to dispense cold water. These water bottle pumps are ideal for home, office, and commercial use.

Point-of-use Water Dispenser

It is a broad category of water dispensers which don't require water bottles; instead, a direct water feed line attaches to them. These water dispensers provide hot and cold water and employ a filtration process, too. You can connect a water supply line to these dispensers directly. However, these are a bit expensive and involve complex installations.

Essential Considerations for Water Drinking Pump

Buying a Water drinking pump requires a significant investment, so it's better to consider a few things before making the final purchase. These will help you buy a water drinking pump that is best suited to your needs.

Durability and Build Quality

Durability and build quality are synonymous for every water jug pump. Always go for dispensers that have high-quality body materials with food-grade ratings. Check for the material's heat resistance and other critical properties to ensure durability. The pump's efficiency and electronic components are also crucial for durability. Choose a water jug pump with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Water Bottle Pump Efficiency

The water bottle pump must be efficient and generate enough pressure to dispense water at a high flow rate. The ideal flow rate for a water bottle pump is 1 gallon water in a minute. Usually, a water pump generating 40 PSI (2.8 Bar) provides a high flow rate for medium size water bottles having a 3-6 gallon capacity.

Water Bottle Compatibility

Select a water jug pump that is compatible with your water bottles. The feed line must have adequate size to reach the depth. Although water bottles come in standard sizes, it’s better to check size and style compatibility. Additionally, large water bottles require powerful pumps and height adjustments for optimal operation. You should be mindful of water pump capacity, bottle size, and bottle compatibility when buying a water jug pump.

Cost and Features

With recent technological advancements, water dispensers come with advanced features like automatic on-off, temperature control, and touch operation. Some water dispensers also have critical features like auto-lock to prevent accidental dispensing and more. You should look for options with more features, high quality, and low prices. Try doing extensive market research and compare products from different brands.

Maintenance Tips for Bottled Water Dispenser Efficient Use

The key to maintaining a bottled water dispenser is regular cleaning. It will prevent mould and mildew build-up and keep it running at optimum condition. You should also change water bottles from time to time because they also contribute to breeding bacteria within inlets and outlets. Additionally, you can sanitize the drinking water pump dispenser to eliminate bacterial growth.

Also, do regular inspections of pipes and hoses to identify leaks and looseness which cause water seepage. If you're using a drinking water pump dispenser with a filtration system, you must follow its maintenance schedule. Clean the filters and change them when needed to prevent impurities in drinking water.

Top-quality VEVOR Bottled Water Dispensing Pump Range

VEVOR has a comprehensive water dispensing pump range with advanced features and high build quality. Let's explore VEVOR products and their features;

VEVOR Bottled Water Dispensing Pump with Single Inlet

It is the best VEVOR Bottled Water Dispensing Pump for home and office use. It has a high-capacity pump to provide a high flow rate for convenient dispensing. The pump has an automatic turn-off system and quick-connect ports. Explore more!

120V AC Bottled Water Dispensing Pump System

The 120V AC Bottled Water Dispensing Pump System has a body of BPA-free food-grade material. It comes with a 40 PSI drinking water pump to provide a high flow rate. The design is compact with noiseless operation.

VEVOR Bottled Drinking Water Pump System for Coffee/Tea Machines, Ice Makers

Get the high-capacity VEVOR Bottled Drinking Water Pump System for restaurant use. It has a BPA-free free food-grade PVC body, which is durable and long-lasting. Its pump for the water dispenser has a 6-7 gallon capacity and an operating pressure of 40 PSI.

Why Choose VEVOR Bottled Water Dispenser

VEVOR has the best water dispenser range with hi-tech features, a top-quality pump for water dispensers, and a convenient bottom-loading design. You'll no longer need to handle heavy water bottles; the bottom-loading design enables convinient water dispensing. VEVOR uses food-grade PVC material in making water dispensers. The material is BPA-free and provides toxins-free healthy drinking water.

The VEVOR's pump for the water dispenser is efficient and provides a high flow rate. It is compact in design and easy to install without needing professional services. The operation is smooth and noiseless with automatic on-off features. VEVOR provides the best dispenser pump for water jug at a market-competitive price. It has remarkable quality and features, and the VEVOR customer service always values customers.

FAQs About Dispenser Pump for Water Jug

Q1: Are PVC water dispensers better than stainless steel?

A1: Yes, PVC water dispensers are better than stainless steel dispensers because they don’t catch rust and also prevent bacteria from developing. Stainless steel is not suitable for continuous contact with water.

Q2: Are water dispensers better than water coolers?

A2: Yes, water dispensers are hi-tech and can maintain ambient water temperature. They dispense water automatically and have cold and hot water options, which are not present in traditional water coolers.

Q3: How do you check the water dispenser capacity?

A3: The water dispenser capacity is mentioned in the product manual. You can also check with the customer representative when making the purchase. Adequate capacity is critical to ensure proper operation of water dispensers.

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