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Commercial Mixers

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Mixers facilitate the automation of repetitive operations such as mixing, whipping, and beating. Using a machine to knead is possible if the beaters are substituted with a whisk attachment. A commercial food spiral mixer may be an eggbeater, a portable powered beater, or a drilling mixer.
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer 10Qt 450W 3 Speeds Adjustable
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer, 15Qt with Commercial
MIX Rotating Dough Kneading Machine
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer 15Qt 600W 3 Speeds Adjustable
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer 20Qt 750W 3 Speeds Adjustable
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer, 30Qt Commercial Mixer with Timing Function
VEVOR Commercial Stand Mixer, 20Qt Stainless Steel Bowl, 1100W 2 in 1 Multifunctional Electric Food Mixer
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer, 10Qt Commercial Mixer with Timing Function
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer, 20Qt Commercial Mixer with Timing Function
VEVOR Commercial Food Mixer 30Qt 1100W 3 Speeds Adjustable

Types of Commercial Food Spiral Mixers
With timing function
The upgraded timer knob gives you the ability to set the mixing length for up to half an hour. Because of this timer, monitoring is the no stirr necessary.
Without timing function
The bowls of our commercial food spiral mixer are huge, so you can mix a lot of Food at once. The stirring components are made of strong, long-lasting food-grade stainless steel. A robust engine with three-speed settings is used. There are three interchangeable combining stirrers available.
3. Dual rotating
This machine can replicate the hand churning operation and mix the dough more uniformly thanks to its bowl, which rotates at a rate of 21 r/min, and its hook, which rotates at a rate of 159 r/min.
4. 2 in-1 Functional
Both blending and grinding of meat are possible with the assistance of the commercial food spiral mixer that we have. We are able to accommodate your requirements for the preparation of a broad range of mouthwatering meals thanks to the adaptability of this equipment.
Main Features and Functionality of Commercial Food Spiral Mixer
The VEVOR Commercial Food Spiral Mixer provides its users with the following practical features and benefits:
Multipurpose Mechanism
Three different types of beaters—a kneading hook, a flat whisk, and a wire whip with—are included our industrial stand mixer's accessories. The kneading hook facilitates the mixing process and is especially helpful when working with pizza dough or other dense doughs. You may use the flat beater to mash potatoes or veggies or to blend cake or frosting mixture. For aerating airy mixtures like whipped cream and egg whites, a wire whisk is a common tool. These thoughtful additions will improve your cooking experience and allow you to complete any dish with success.
Wide Bowl Size
You can blend up to 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of Food at once in our 30Qt bowl, which comes standard on our spiral mixer. And the bowl, hook, and rod are all constructed from stainless steel that is safe for human consumption. These durable parts are impervious to rust and corrosion and simple to disinfection.
High-Powered Mixing
This electric stand mixer has a 1100W gear-driven motor for rapid and uniform mixing. Three speeds allow for diverse mixing needs and good outcomes. The low speed is best for kneading dough, the middle speed for combining fillings, and the high speed for whipping cream. Stop the machine before adjusting the rotation speed.
Advanced Timer Function
Some of our products in this category also have an improved timer knob that lets you specify the mixing period within half an hour. This stopwatch removes the requirement to monitor stirring. A spinning wheel lowers or raises the bowl. The removable bowl and stirrer make clean simple. The equipment halts if the screen isn't shut, protecting hands.
Benefits and Applications of Commercial Food Spiral Mixer
Restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, bakeries, commercial kitchens, etc., frequently utilize commercial food spiral mixers. , beating, whipping, and kneading Food. Ideal for pizza, bread, and cake dough. It has the following benefits:
It is possible to knead no more than 2.5 kg of dough in the 10-30Qt big basin.
The mixer's components are entirely constructed of sleek stainless steel suitable for use with Food.
This high-quality material is robust and long-lasting since it resists rust and corrosion and can be cleaned quickly and easily.
The high-performance motor guarantees reliable, while the three variable blending rates provide fast, thorough mixing.
A safe barrier that may prevent unintentional harm will show you what's happening on the inside without the hassle of the ingredients gushing out.
When the shielding is removed or not shut securely, the device will be halted instantly.
The parts are easily removable, making maintenance a breeze.
The bowl's level may be easily adjusted with a turn of a crank, making it versatile enough to meet any mixing need.
The machine's rubberized feet may be used to make it more stable.
Both the bowl and the hook may spin clockwise at various rates. The mixing effect is superior to standard stirrers because of the employment of a dual stirring mechanism.
The shield's structure allows it to function for its intended purpose, which is to protect the user's hands from potential harm while they are mixing.
Without the shield in place, the machine will power off immediately.
With the help of the extra rod, you can get the mixing going for doughs that form quickly.
The dough mixer's non slip feet keep it securely in place while it does its job.

FAQS About Commercial Food Spiral Mixer
1. What is the warranty?
Our items have a one-year warranty. We'll help you fix the merchandise by phone or email or reship or refund it.
2. Could you clarify why you mentioned 10-30 L in specs, yet it only holds 1 kg
? . This stainless steel industrial mixer is superior to its market counterparts. Commercial mixers have 30L food-grade 304 stainless steel bowls.
3. Price?
Answer. We ship free. Website prices apply.