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Diesel Heater
The diesel air heater is a handy companion for any vehicle during the cold winter. Without starting the engine, the air heater can quickly warm up your whole space. Due to the low fuel consumption, it is suitable for longer operating times. If the cold, snowy day is unbearable for you, a parking heater will give you a better winter experience.
According to different assembly methods and appearance, the diesel air heater can be divided into two types: All-in-one Diesel Heater and Split Diesel Heater.

All-in-one Diesel Heater
For an all-in-one diesel heater, the oil pump, 5L fuel tank, oil filter, and main engine have all been formed in a solid case, which greatly saves installation time.
When purchasing, you are kindly recommended to focus on the heater power and number of air outlets. The heater power is notable for its effect on heating efficiency. And the number of outlets determines the air volume. If you have a large vehicle or room, we recommend a 4-tuyere diesel air heater. Besides, depending on your operating habit, you can choose the heater with a digital panel or knob control.

Split Diesel Heater
If you have limited installation space or want to match a larger fuel tank, a split-type parking heater is a better choice. It features a compact size, occupies little space, and can be matched with a 10L or even big oil tank to prolong the combustion time.
Different kits have different accessories. For example, some kits include a T-piece (steering tuyere), which means you can change your single-vent heater to a 3-vent one. And if you have a little baby, you can opt for a kit with double mufflers, to minimize the noise possible.

The above is a brief introduction to diesel air heaters. More bunk heaters of various specifications await your choice. Keep you in a warm and secure environment with a name you can trust, VEVOR.

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