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Drain Cleaner Machine

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Drain Cleaner Machines
For the stubbornest drain cleaning jobs, you'll need a specialized machine expressly designed to tackle them. VEVOR sewer machines have been delivering reliable performance with unmatched quality. A drain cleaning tool features a rotating bit on the end of a steel shaft that can extend dozens of feet down the pipe to clear clogged objects efficiently. We give you a comprehensive line of options, ranging from electrical machines, hand tools, to cables. Electric drain cleaners typically come in two types: drum or sectional machines.

Drum Cleaning Machines
Drum machines come with a drum housing tightly wound steel cable. We offer drum drain cleaners with different lengths of steel cable from 50' to 100'. All of them are able to handle 1" to 4" pipes and are ideal for sinks, washbasins, floor drains, and the like. 250W-550W powerful motor and higher torque make the rotation easier. The foot-activated switch helps you control the progression without having to bend down. Depending on your needs, you can choose an integrated cart with a retractable handle and heavy-duty wheels that easily navigate around the job site.

Sectional Cleaning Machines
If you're looking for 50 feet of cable or less, sectional machines might be a better choice. Without the entire cable housed, they're lighter and more flexible. We provide you with up to 6 or 8 replaceable cutters to deal with all kinds of jams.

Drain Auger Cables
Tough and kink-resistant core cables are important to stand up to regular rigorous use. The solid steel cable ranging from 50 to 100 feet can be a complementary tool for our sewer cleaner.

The above is a brief introduction to drain cleaning machines. More different styles of professional or home use machines are waiting for you. Select the right tool for every drain cleaning job at VEVOR.

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