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9 Notes Percussion Handpan Tongue Drum Nitrogen Steel Handmade Craft Handpan (6)
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Steel Tongue Drum 11 Notes 10 inches Percussion Instrument with Bag, Book, Mallets, Finger Picks (32)
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12" 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Handpan Drums Percussion Instrument Yoga Music (28)
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12'' 13 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Pan Drum Handpan Green Music Book Hand Pan Drum (28)
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Master the Art of Melody Using Your Perfect Handpan

Handpan drums, perfect for both professionals and hobbyists, offer unparalleled sound quality. Looking for a variety of music instruments? Check out our hand-pan drum collection. They're designed for everyone.

Our hand pan instrument line is not just about great sound. They're also visually stunning. Easy to play, our hand pan drums suit all skill levels. We offer a range of handpans and hand-pan drums, each with its unique tonal richness.

Hand Pan Room Dividers

Hand Pan Room Dividers are an evolution of Open Pipe Shelving. Instead of simple partitions, these unique dividers feature actual hand pans as functional musical instruments. 

They offer an aesthetic touch and the acoustic charm of percussion instruments. You can both decorate your room and indulge in playing handpans.

Industrial Hand Pan Shelf

The Industrial Hand Pan Shelf blends elements of traditional shelving with the musical intrigue of handpan drums. 

These shelves are customizable and high quality, perfect for handpan instrument display. If you're interested in buying a handpan, this shelf is designed to keep them secure and easily accessible.

Handpan Instrument on Infill Box

Merging the design of the Infill Box Pipe Shelf with the magic of handpans or hang drums, this unique framework is a musical extravaganza.

Encased within are quality handpans, resting safely and waiting for you to engage in playing handpans. It’s a high-quality and hand-crafted design for steel drums handpan enthusiasts.

Hand Pan for Pros

Discover the multiple layers of musical depth with our Pro-Level hand Pan. These handpan drums are not just for amateurs; they are built for professionals.

Offers a multi-tier range of tones that can accommodate various musical styles.

Handpan with Subway Station Vibes

Integrating the iconic elements of New York subway stations, this handpan is a fusion of urban style and high-quality sound.

Bring an urban flair to your musical experience thanks to design accents inspired by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.

Choosing the Right Hand Pan or Handpan Drum at Our Store

If you're contemplating buying a hand pan or handpan drum, here are some factors you'll want to consider.

Sound Range

Sound is key. Our handpan drums come with a varied range of tones. This is essential for anyone who wants to explore multiple musical styles with their handpan instrument.

Material Integrity

Quality matters. Whether you're interested in a steel drum handpan or a convex steel drums variant, look for high-quality materials. A durable handpan ensures long-lasting musical enjoyment.

Flexibility in Play

Being versatile is crucial. For those with different musical needs, a handpan with multiple-tone fields is your go-to choice. If you're a fan of hang drums as well, having a multi-purpose handpan is ideal.

Budget-Friendly Options

We offer a range of hand pans and handpan drums that are easy on the wallet. Experience high quality without breaking the bank. We have handpans for sale at affordable prices.

Prompt Customer Assistance

Do you have any queries about playing handpans or buying a handpan? Our customer support is quick to assist you. No more long waiting lists when you need help.

Adjustable Features

Considering the height of your playing setup? Our handpan drums come with optional stands that have adjustable heights. Customize it according to your needs.

Key Attributes and Maintenance Tips for Hand Pans and Handpan Make Drums

A hand pan or handpan drum is essential for any music lover. Made by reputable handpan makers like Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, these musical instruments are hand-crafted for durability and quality. Choose a convex steel handpan for longevity. Looking to buy? We offer handpans for sale at affordable prices. No long waiting lists. 

Ideal for playing handpans, they provide various tone fields. Whether it's a handpan instrument or hand crafted pans, each piece meets high-quality standards. Perfect for those interested in percussion instruments or hang drums.

Top Choices for Hand crafted Pans and Steel Tongue Drums from VEVOR

VEVOR metal bowl instrument

With 8 notes, a metal bowl instrument is ideal for learning handpan drum basics. If you're new to playing handpans, this is a great start. It offers an affordable, high-quality musical journey.

VEVOR convex Steel Tongue Drum for Beginners

Looking to start with a steel tongue drum? Ideal for percussion instrument lovers. This handpan drum also includes a music book to guide you.

VEVOR Golden Mallets Tank Drum

If you're already familiar with playing handpans, then our Golden Mallets Tank Drum is a top pick. It comes with 11 notes and is tailored for those with more experience in handpan instruments. Crafted by handpan makers like Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, it meets high-quality standards.

VEVOR 10-inch D-Major Hand Tank Drum

Seeking a hand-crafted pan drum in D Major with 11 notes? Our 10-inch Steel Tongue Drum in D-Major is a masterpiece. It comes in red and includes a bag and mallets. This handpan instrument is for those looking for something extra in their musical instruments.

Why Choose VEVOR for Your Musical Journey?

We excel in musical instruments, too. Looking for a handpan drum or a convex steel handpan? We got you. VEVOR offers high-quality handpans. Interested in playing handpans? We provide a range of handpan instruments. Safety is key, just like our AV carts with locking cabinets. Our handpans are hand-crafted with care.

Customer support? We're quick. Need help buying a handpan? Questions about tone field? We respond fast. Our handpans for sale come at affordable prices. No long waiting lists. It's all about quality handpans.

FAQs About Handpan

Q1: What's unique about VEVOR handpans?

A1: Hand-crafted and inspired by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. Unique tone field.

Q2: Are VEVOR handpans affordable?

A2: High-quality handpans at affordable prices. No waiting lists.

Q3: Can I learn to play handpans easily?

A3: Absolutely. Our handpan drum is perfect for beginners. It comes with a music book to guide you.

Tips & Inspiration