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Heat Press Machine

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Heat Press Machine
The Heat Press Machine is boasted as a practical tool by many DIY lovers and merchants who prefer to use it when making crafts or gifts. The built-in Teflon coating and insulation pads ensure excellent temperature consistency and outstanding transfer performance. It can help users quickly transfer the patterns and characters onto clothes, pillows, cups, caps, ceramic plates, puzzles, hats, shoes, and other items in a short time. The printing process is simple to operate, and the materials needed for heating are economically-friendly and easy to obtain, so it is used widely by all walks of life.
According to the shape and function, the heat presses can be divided into the following: flat heat presses, mug presses, hat presses, platen presses, and other multifunctional heat presses.

Single-function Heat Press Machine
Refers to a type of heating plate that only contains one usage. For example, flat heat press machines can only be applied to flat transfers such as clothes, pillow cases, mouse pads, and other flat items. The common specification includes 7x8in, 7x10in portable sizes; 10x12in, 12x15in, 15x15in conventional sizes; 16x20in, 16x24in and other large commercial sizes.

Multi-function Heat Press Machine
Refers to a type of heating plate that contains diversified usages. Users only need to replace the corresponding accessories on the machine to heat transfer different products. For example, the 8-in-1 heat press machine comes with a flat press. We also offer you 1 cap press, 4 cup presses with different specifications, and 2 ceramic platen presses. Various accessories meet your different needs.
Except for accessories, based on the opening and closing mode, the machine can also be divided into automatic and manual functions. Manual heat presses can be further divided into a fixed hinge category and 360°swing-away rotation hinge category.

The above is a brief introduction to heat presses. More heat presses of various specifications await your choice. Make your imagination come true with a name you can trust, VEVOR.

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