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Hydraulic Knockout Punch

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Hydraulic Knockout Punch

Hole Punching Tool

This hydraulic hole-punching tool has a small, substantial, high-quality, hard-and-durable structure that is simple for producing a perfect and uniform hole. It has a variety of drill bits for making holes of various sizes. It is appropriate for maintenance and construction activities.

Types of Hole Punching Tools
1. Hole Punching Tools with Eight expanding dies
Eight expanding dies are part of this hydraulic flaring tool. Even though it only works with one die, it can still meet your demands. The flaring equipment and solid flaring cone are perfect for punching metal pipes 3/16"–7/8".
2. Hole Punching Tools with Six punching dies
Due to its six punching dies and ability to drill holes ranging in size from 22 to 61.5 mm, this hole-punching instrument is quite beneficial. It can completely satisfy your needs. This hole-punching tool is excellent because steel can only be 3.5 mm thick at its thickest point.
3. Hole Punching Tools with Five punching dies
This hole-punching tool can cut A 1/4" thick material with this portable electric-hydraulic punch. It comes with five top-notch dies. The dies in this MPH-20 hydraulic puncher press are portable and easy to use, which improves its punching efficiency.
4. Hole Punching Tools with Four punching dies
This hole-punching machine has four dies that are ideal for your line of business. There is a CH-60 hydraulic hole puncher that is superior. It can punch metal plates, including copper, aluminum, iron, and steel, making it ideal for busbars in the construction industry, L and H-style flat copper, and the electricity business.
5. Hole Punching Tools with Two punching dies
Two drill bits (0.9" and 1.3") that drill 0.9" and 1.3" holes, respectively, are included in this VEVOR metal hole punch set. The punch dies are long-lasting, reliable, and well-made.
1/4" thick hydraulic hole puncher from VEVOR
Dies Size: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"(6.5, 9, 13, 17, 20.5 mm)
Model: MPH-20
Copper/Aluminum Plate: Thickness ≤ 8 mm/0.3
Iron / Steel Plate: Thickness ≤ 6 mm/0.2

Main Features and Functionality of Hole Punching Tool
Enhanced Positioning
VEVOR provides you with a powerful, long-lasting hydraulic puncher press. Without offsetting, it can drill and place correctly. Hydraulic punching considerably reduces chipping and can maintain stable penetration.
Highest Power
Distinguishing VEVOR hole-punching tools include 900W high-power motors. A distinctive number of these electric hydraulic hole punchers have high efficiency, while specific VEVOR hole-punching tools enter the hole fast. It provides a few top-notch punching/ tools for steel plates no thicker than 6 mm and copper/aluminum plates no more than 8 mm.
Useful Punch Dies
The hydraulic hole punching equipment provides different numbers of typical punch dies, including 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Since each die is available in various sizes, you can select whichever best suits your needs.
Manual Oil Return Button
The button offered by the VEVOR hole-punching machine is efficient and reliable for long-term use. This control switch can turn on and off without causing any damage. The manual oil return switch allows the user to return oil whenever and wherever it is most convenient.

Main Uses of Hole Punching Tool
The electric hydraulic hole punching tool is beneficial for punching holes in steel plates, angle steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, and U-steel, particularly in industrial and mechanical settings. Hydraulic punching machines gets utilized in several industries for a variety of purities . Hydraulic punching tools are beneficial in making goods that include electronics, medical equipment, and automotive parts. These punching tools are also usable in the construction and mining industries. Additionally, you can utilize it at home to suit your needs.

How You Do The Best Hole Punching Tool?
The VEVOR Hydraulic Knockout Punch provides a wide range of punching capacities and consistently creates flawless, uniform holes. Its small size makes it easy for potential customers to move forward and decide to buy. These tools can produce punching forces of 6, 31, and 35 tons, among others. Such factors are crucial if you want to get the best hole-punching machine.
It will be wise for you to consider the hole-its motor power and punching speed. One sort of 900w power motor is one of the high -grade power motors that VEVOR specializes in offering. The punching machines that VEVOR can offer you have a punching speed of two to three per second, which is more than enough to enable you to purchase it. Therefore, Look no further! VEVOR today!
Is It Worth Purchasing the Hole Punching Tool?
When choosing a hole punch machine from VEVOR, there should be absolutely no room for doubt. These hydraulic hole-punching tools are straightforward yet effective for making holes in steel and other metals. When used with various dies, the best tools available from VEVOR becomes Significantly cleaner and faster. It can result in the square, oblong, and round holes appearing in the metal plate.

Frequently Asked Questions About VEVOR 35T Hole Punching Tool
1. Can you punch an angle iron as close to the inside as possible? What is the distance between the dies' front edge and center?
Solution: It measures around 1 1/4".
2. Is there an internal spring in this punch that allows it to return to its original position when the pump pressure is released?
Solution: When the hydraulic pressure on the unit is released, the unit does rise on its own.
3. The CH70 Hydraulic Hole Punch appeals to me. Which hydraulic pump would you suggest using to power it? to function?
Solution: We advise using the 10000 PSI 7l Oil Capacity Single Acting Electric Hydraulic Pump. 10,000 Psi of pressure is required.
4. Where can I locate the pump for the CH-70 Hydraulic Hole Puncher?
Solution: A plastic dust sleeve surrounds the male connector to keep it clean. It has a pump-coupling mechanism built into it and a 350 KN of punching power (35T).

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