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Hydraulic Power Unit

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Hydraulic Power Unit
The hydraulic power unit provides the needed hydraulic pressure to drive motors or cylinders in a certain hydraulic system. A hydraulic power unit can be applied in many things, such as truck tailgate lift, RV leveling, scissor lift, dump trailers, lift truck, snowplow, aerial platform, material handling, wheelchair lifts, etc. It often contains a motor, a fluid tank, and a pump. Here, we are providing dozens of VEVOR hydraulic power units for you to choose from. These units can start rapidly and provide quick oil output. They differ in several aspects. First, we have portable plastic fluid tanks and sturdy steel fluid tanks, and the most regular size is 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, and 20 quarts. Second, the motor of most units shares the same power source--12V DC, and some have a 110V or 220-240V AC motor. Third, we provide double-acting and single-acting power units.

Double-acting & Single-acting
All the 12V DC power units come with a 15 feet hand-held remote control. The double-acting pumps provide strong power to the hydraulic system, both for power up and power down, while the single-acting pumps provide power up, but it depends on gravity to come down. The 110V power unit for car lift has a control handle for convenient operation.

Effortless Installation
The whole power unit have been fully assembled and are easy to wire for effortless installation. Most of the power units are equipped with an M18*1.5 connector and comes with one or two additional SAE6 (9/16") connectors for replacement according to your actual needs.

The above is a brief introduction to our hydraulic power units (or hydraulic power packs). Please refer to the listings for more detailed specifications. Choose VEVOR, so you can make your work easy and make every dollar spent worth it.