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PEX-Al-PEX Tubing

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High-Quality Aluminum PEX Tubing for Radiant Heating Systems

The aluminum PEX line represents a highly flexible and durable liability in plumbing and radiant heating systems. VEVOR is the popular choice for many contractors and homeowners, and our company issues this type of PEX al PEX tubing in a wide range designed to comply with the application needs. Alloyed PEX aluminum PEX tubing is a PEX pipe coated with an aluminum layer heat conductor. Alternative structures that help to mimic the properties of carbon copper allow this form to have applications for radiant heating systems, supply of clean water, and other qualities.

The PEX al PEX tubing tool might help you plan either a new heating applications installation or a plumbing infrastructure upgrade; it will ultimately mean you deliver unmatched reliability and durability. Let's delve deeply into the features, benefits, and considerations of PEX aluminum PEX tubing, accentuating that VEVOR is the discerning brand for prime piping solutions.

Types of Aluminum PEX Tubing

Aluminum PEX tubing is available in numerous sorts to accommodate exceptional applications:

Residential Grade

This kind of tubing is ideal only for small residential appliances where cost-effectiveness and clean installation are vital factors. It was the most suitable and efficient for heating floors and transporting chilled water.

Commercial Grade

PEX Aluminium PEX tubing can withstand hardness and strain ratings and large-scale projects like affordable housing or multiple-family dwellings, wherein a commercial grade is correct. This material may also resist high temperatures and is pressure rated, indicating its high heat resistance and heat works.

Radiant Heating Systems

For the radiant floor heating system, EPDM is the main prevailing tube that performs two crucial tasks: as an oxygen barrier to ensure the long durability of the system during the installation and to have the best performance foundation. The Network of Heating and Heat distribution is green and compatible with most surface flooring tones.

Plumbing Applications

PEX al PEX tubing, which can handle the challenging demands of potable water systems, to the function plumbing packages have is the purpose. It plays the role of a friction surface, reducing the foil resistance and scale and sediment in the passage.

Key Factor To Consider When Choosing Your PEX al PEX Pipe

When selecting a PEX al PEX pipe for your task, several key elements need to be considered:


Make sure the PEX fittings size is competent enough, and the existing plumbing system and PEX fittings are compatible for proper assembling without causing incompatibility issues. Establish interlinking of each PEX and conventional plumbing components for the plumbing system.


When choosing the equipment, emphasize the tubing the manufacturer recognizes as pressure rated and proof against corrosion and oxidation—such supplies tend to be under different environmental conditions.


When specifying your software's requirements, including the maximum operating high temperatures and stress rating, ensure this is done because the regular PEX tubing must meet your expectations. Pick up PEX al PEX tubing in the perfect diameter and aluminum layer wall thickness to achieve maximum consistent performance.


Since the evaluation is an essential part of process Improvement; one should analyze the gains from the setup and adaptability of the tubing and any special tools or techniques used during the setup. Decide upon proposing PEX al PEX tubing that can be workable easily and have a PEX matching.

Special Functions and Maintenance Tips

VEVOR aluminum PEX tubing manufacturers rely on specific construction techniques and technologies to reinforce and optimize the entire system. The inner layer of aluminum and oxygen barrier is premiumized, eliminating rust and oxidation in the long run. It helps the radiant heating and others to keep using. Besides the correct installation and maintenance procedures, the proper performance of this design depends on efficient operational and field support conditions. Regular fluid inspection and upkeep by removing the most commonly occurring scaling or coating will preserve the service life of the aluminum PEX tubing.

In addition to the high efficiency, VEVOR will give us the know-how to make PEX al PEX pipe longer. Periodic checks on the tubing machine system and visual inspection for leaks, corrosion, and damage will provide opportunities for the timely identification of central motoring problems. Cleaning the tubing with mild detergent and water can assist in removing dust, debris, and mineral deposits that could gather through the years, compromising overall performance. Additionally, the proper regular PEX tubing insulation in cold climates can prevent freezing and damage at some point in winter.

Popular VEVOR PEX Tubing

VEVOR gives lots of aluminum PEX tubing products to shape exceptional needs and choices:

1/2" PEX Tubing, 200m Roll

Our 1/2" PEX Tubing, 200m Roll can be used in residential applications as heating systems since it incorporates the best quality and is easy to install. It is a well-designed unit by its wall and floor construction that brings to the fore a clean interior and oxygen barrier, green warmth distribution, and corrosion resistance, among others.

VEVOR 300m PEX Tubing Roll

This 300m PEX Tubing Roll has appropriate pacing for all heating components in the commercial realm and damp installation. Its higher performance rating and sturdy construction characteristics allow it to be used in places with a significant flow of people, such as airports, metro stations, and waterfalls.


With a ⅝’ diameter and oxygen permeable, the VEVOR PEX-AL-PEX Tube, 82ft, is great for radiant ground heating structures and aboveground heating applications. The spacecraft is made of composite aluminum-plastic material, which gives a better toughness and conductivity to heat than the same material made of aluminum only.

VEVOR PEX-AL-PEX Tube, 328ft

This VEVOR PEX-AL-PEX Tube, 328ft, has extensive durability and extended life; it is suitable for high-demand applications in prominent business places and health sites. Its oxygen barrier and stress steadiness provide it, which is responsible for long service life.

VEVOR PEX-AL-PEX Tube, 984ft

Commonly used for bigger-scale projects, this VEVOR PEX-AL-PEX Tube, 984ft tubing keeps the amount of coverage and the number of production that is enough and hence suitable for complicated systems such as plumbing and heating. Its aircraft material's construction is unique for its high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of Choosing VEVOR

With the VEVOR product selection, you can enjoy numerous benefits when purchasing aluminum PEX tubing. VEVOR varies its product lines, so the consumers will quickly get the suitable variant that satisfies their needs. Via the provision of comprehensive patterns, top-grade, and competitive costs, VEVOR aluminum PEX pipe fittings can be easily afforded into operations, thus guaranteeing the economy of cost and effectiveness. Additionally, the democratic carrier and aid of VEVOR showcase their commitment to client pleasure, which makes it the accurate choice for contractors, plumbers, and homeowners.

Aside from its great variety, VEVOR offers its customers superior customer service and after-sales help. An aware team of workers and receptive lines of communication are persistent pursuits by VEVOR to solve problems of customer inquiries about the subject of plumbing and heating. Whether your expertise lies in contracting or DIY projects, VEVOR is the ultimate destination for aluminum PEX tubing and an assortment of accessories. With a focus on perfecting quality, VEVOR is dedicated to serving every customer's needs.

FAQ about PEX tubing

Q1: What makes iron-free PEX plastic tubing more attractive than copper pipe?

A1: Paying heed to the advanced properties of aluminum PEX tubing, namely the increased flexibility, corrosion resistance, and better thermal conductivity than copper pipe. On the other hand, aluminum PEX branch tubing is convenient and economical to install, so it is the vector of choice for many programs.

Q2: Can pipe with PEX material be used for drinkable water distribution in domestic applications?

A2: The VEVOR aluminum PEX tubing was initially intended for distribution pipeline systems for water intakes. Its impermeable oxygen barrier keeps water intact and free of any contaminants. So it is perfectly fine to drink or use.

Q3: How do I set up aluminum PEX Tubing in a radiant heating gadget?

A3: Installing aluminum PEX tubing in a radiant heating device is enormously honest. However, it's essential to comply with the producer's commands and the enterprise's excellent practices to ensure the proper installation and superior performance.

Q4: Is VEVOR aluminum PEX tubing well suited with general PEX fittings?

A4: VEVOR aluminum PEX tubing is compatible with standard PEX fittings, presenting contractors and house owners with flexibility and ease of installation.

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