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Pneumatic Crimping Tool

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Pneumatic Crimping Tool

Hydraulic Tube Expander

The dual-action standard cylinder that powers this crimping tool have the advantages of excellent efficiency and quality in terms of crimping force and speed. It is ideal for non-insulated terminals having diameters of 16 mm, 6 mm, and 35 mm. The die sets are usable with our manual crimping tools interchangeably.
Types of Hydraulic Tube Expanders
1. Hydraulic Tube Expander with one die set
This pneumatic crimping equipment gets driven by its dual-conventional cylinders, which provide it with the best effectiveness and quality in crimping power and pace. It consists of 1 AM-10 Pneumatic Crimping Machine, 1 Die Set, 1 Foot Air Valve, and 2 Air Pipes.
2. Hydraulic Tube Expander with 15 extra sets
This pneumatic crimping tool is also from the AM-10 line of models. Also, it gets driven by its two traditional cylinders, which provide it with the best crimping power and speed. The only difference is that this tool includes 15 additional die sets.
VEVOR Pneumatic Crimping Tool AM-10
Size: 266 x 142 x 117 mm ( 9 x 5.6 x 4.6 inch)
Model: AM-10
Material: Tool steel

Main Features and Functionality of Hydraulic Tube Expander
Simple operational procedure
This crimping tool operates in a very straightforward manner. Just connect the gas hose with the corresponding markings on the accessories and equipment. Only open the binding clip for crimping after opening the gas supply. Before regular use, slowly press the machine after the initial crimping machine assembly such that the foot-valve low-speed idle operation occurs 1–2 times. Its handle is small, portable, and simple to keep clean.
Cylinder with Dual Actions
This dual-acting cylinder is very affordable and has a quick crimping speed. Additionally, if you compare this with single-acting cylinders, it is robust and has a variety of uses.
Excellent steel material
The structure of this instrument has a construction of sturdy, painted steel with excellent mechanical properties. It will surprise you with its nature when you mention its extreme hardness. The advantage of this pneumatic crimping tool is its long-lasting performance, which is more significant .

High-quality Jaw
This crimping machine has extremely precise jaws that guarantee correct crimping and prevent damage to the terminals. With the help of this tool, you may swap out these jaws to press out various terminals.
Worker-Friendly Design
Crimping is simple due … to the air valve's foot-operated design. The air valve can precisely crimp the terminals while simultaneously controlling the crimping pressure.
Main Uses of Hydraulic Tube Expander
Crimping insulated and non-insulated cable end sleeves can be possible with the pneumatic crimping tool. It is handy for replacing the mode jaws, the jaws of the protective cover, and removing the screw to replace the jawline.
How Do You Buy The Best Hydraulic Tube Expander?
As you have decided to buy the best hydraulic tube expander crimping tool, it is up to you to choose the pneumatic crimping tool best matches your demands and leaves you with the least amount of financial strain. You must consider how many die sets You will receive with the crimping machine. You have two fantastic options to select from if you buy this from VEVOR. One pneumatic crimping tool has a single die set, while the other has an additional fifteen die sets.

Regardless of the type of pneumatic crimping tool you choose from VEVOR, it confidently offers you a top-notch foot air valve and two premium air pipes. It can also improve the capability to stretch the hydraulic tube expandability and guarantee long-lasting performance. You Must carefully evaluate these factors before finalizing your purchase to get the best pneumatic crimping tool.

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