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Pool Heat Exchanger

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Decoding The Allure Of Pool Domes With VEVOR

Combining practicality with elegance, pool domes transform traditional swimming areas into elegant spaces. Guaranteeing security well combined with aesthetics, VEVOR’s pool domes are functional and beautiful. They protect against weather and other external elements while ensuring serene swimming experiences.

Pool domes are structures designed to cover the pool partially or entirely. They are also known as pool enclosures or pool covers. Whether people want to enjoy the pool’s allure without minding the climate or host events by the poolside without worrying about the weather, pool domes have everyone covered.

VEVOR’s pool dome in different shapes and sizes further guarantees that every user has a pool covering available.

Different Materials Pool Domes Are Made From

From durability to transparency, individuals have distinct needs for getting a pool dome. Fortunately, pool domes are made from different materials, giving distinct features and making it easy to have options that align with one needs.

Aluminium And Steel

These are usually used for the dome’s frames or structural components, especially in a more permanent structure. They are durable and robust, making them the perfect materials to bear the structural components of the dome.


Combining aesthetics with a high level of functionality, glass domes are beautiful and offer a required level of transparency. Using glass on the pool dome’s body can communicate wealth and class while the pool is still accessible to you, making it easier to monitor.


Pool domes occasionally incorporate vinyl covers for temporary or short-term enclosures. They are not durable enough to last long, but they serve the short-term purpose just fine.


Acrylic is like glass but with lesser delicateness. It is transparent and robust, making for a suitable material to make the body of a pool dome you want access to.

Factors To Consider When Buying Pool Domes

There are various factors to know and evaluate before purchasing a pool dome. Making an informed decision by evaluating these points will help you choose an excellent outdoor pool dome suitable for your needs. Therefore, you should consider factors like:

Material Type And Durability

Check the materials and consider how durable they are before purchasing them. Consider your overall environmental circumstances and only purchase pool domes made with materials durable enough to withstand the harsh temperatures with you.

Size And Design

Pools are of different shapes and sizes, and so are pool domes. Therefore, you must consider getting a pool dome that fits your pool’s size and style. You can also opt for slightly bigger pool domes to ensure proper coverage.

Ventilation And Air Circulation

Ventilation is essential for humans’ basic functioning. Therefore, you should not forget it simply because a pool dome protects you. Choose a pool dome that has provisions for adequate ventilation and air quality maintenance.

Installation And Maintenance

Choosing a pool dome that you can easily install and maintain can relieve stress. VEVOR has several pool domes for DIYers that protect your pool without stressing so much to set up or maintain.

Other Features And Accessories

You can also consider other dome features and accessories to ensure the ones you need are there. Doors, skylights, retractable panels, and weather-resistant ability should all be considered adequately.

Possible Additions For Pool Dome’s Better Efficiency

Pool domes are great additions to the pool and the building in general. It helps maintain one of the household spaces that takes away the biggest money. What is more interesting is that this accessory itself needs more accessories to function properly. These additions will ensure safety, better efficiency, and durability.


Windows or skylights are great for incorporating more natural lighting and ventilation into your pool dome interior.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tools

The maintenance for a pool dome is simple but must be taken seriously. Therefore, you need cleaning supplies like microfiber clothes, sponges, etc.

Dome Lighting

Incorporating lighting into the pool domes and pool area works for aesthetics and serves functional purposes. With the appropriate lighting, the beauty of the dome and the whole pool area is further pronounced. Consider getting some LED light strips or other suitable lighting systems.

Ventilation Systems

The pool dome protects the pool and its users from the elements of the environment, including the natural ventilation system. Therefore, you need to install artificial ventilation in the dome to maintain the air quality.

Why Choose VEVOR’s Pool Domes?

VEVOR solar dome pool heater transcends the ordinary, offering sustainable, functional, durable, and easy usage. Our dome solar pool heater not only helps prevent the external cold from coming in, but VEVOR's pool domes are also solar-powered, allowing them to generate heat to warm up the pool and keep it at a desired temperature.

Constructed with strong PP plastic and transparent PVC covers, VEVOR pool domes assure long-lasting performance, irrespective of exposure to external elements. You also do not have to worry about leaks as the sturdy hoses and secure connections help guard against them.

VEVOR’s pool domes come in different types, including oval and rectangular, making it easy to cater to different pool types. You can easily install them yourself, and they are cost-effective for everything.

FAQs About Pool Dome

Do pool domes affect the pool's temperature?

Yes, the pool dome inversely affects the pool’s temperature. They trap the pool’s original temperature, preventing external factors from acting on the pool and influencing the temperature. Therefore, a pool dome can help you trap the heat in the pool without allowing the colder temperature to make the pool frigid, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing swim when you want.

What are the benefits of having a pool dome?

Pool domes serve a multitude of benefits, ensuring the security and excellence of the pool and guaranteeing the well-being of the users. Pool domes protect the pool from external elements like wind, rain, and sun and help retain the desired temperature. They also offer pool users more privacy and protect them from issues like debris falling on them. Additionally, they prevent water evaporation and protect swimmers from UV rays.

Are pool domes permanent structures?

Pool domes can either be temporary or permanent structures. Temporary pool domes are constructed for seasonal use, meant to serve the people during the swimming season and can be easily disassembled and assembled. The permanent structures are constructed in more rigid ways. They are meant to last longer, and manufacturers use durable, long-lasting materials. 

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