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PTO Pump

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Upgrade Your Tractor with VEVOR's PTO Hydraulic Pump

Are you looking to make your tractor work even better? Your solution lies in a hydraulic PTO pump. A PTO hydraulic pump is like a unique tool for your tractor. It connects to the tractor's PTO shaft and uses its power to make hydraulic solid pressure. This pressure helps run loaders, log splitters, or dump trailers. It's like giving your tractor an extra boost so it can do even more work.

You're in luck because VEVOR has these unique hydraulic pumps that can help. This upgrade will make your tractor work even better and get the job done more efficiently. So, explore your options and pick the best one today to supercharge your tractor! With these hydraulic pumps, your tractor will become more powerful and get more work done. So, let's explore the options and find the perfect match to make your tractor work even harder and better!

Types of PTO Hydraulic Pumps

Selecting the appropriate pump type is vital because it ensures the PTO-driven pump aligns perfectly with your tractor's needs, allowing it to operate at its best and complete tasks efficiently.

PTO-Driven Pumps

Using these pumps with the tractor's PTO shaft is easy and makes things run smoothly. These pumps don't complicate things; they make the tractor work better, making tasks like plowing or lifting heavy things much more accessible. So, these PTO hydraulic pumps are like having a helper that makes everything go more smoothly and efficiently.


Uses the tractor's PTO shaft to work smoothly

Makes the tractor work better and easier

Works efficiently


May not be suitable for all tractor models.

540 RPM Hydraulic Pump

These PTO pumps run smoothly and turn at the same speed, going around 540 times every minute. This steady speed is helpful for jobs on farms and in industries because it keeps everything working consistently, making tasks easier.


Stay steady.

Works excellent for farming and industry jobs

Easy to operate


Requires maintenance to keep it working its best.

Choosing the Right PTO Pump

When choosing your 540 RPM pump, it's crucial to consider how effectively it will perform. Several factors can impact its performance, making it either better or worse. 


Check how much power your tractor needs and pick a PTO pump that fits it. you should assess your tractor's power requirements, ensure that the pump is compatible with your tractor's brand and model, and also think about the specific tasks your tractor will handle. 


Ensure the 540 RPM pump works with your tractor's type and brand. you should assess your tractor's power requirements, ensure that the pump is compatible with your tractor's brand and model, and also think about the specific tasks your tractor will handle.


Usage Purpose

Decide what your tractor does most (like farming, building, or industry) to find the right hydraulic  PTO pump.

Special Functions and Maintenance 

VEVOR's PTO hydraulic pumps stand out because they have unique features that make them one-of-a-kind. To ensure your pump keeps working effectively, it's essential to clean it regularly. Cleaning prevents dirt and debris from accumulating, which can cause the pump to malfunction. Don't hesitate to seek assistance if you notice issues such as leaks or unusual sounds. 

Contact our support team promptly; they can swiftly help resolve any problems, ensuring your 540 RPM pump functions smoothly and efficiently so your tractor can continue performing its tasks.

Popular PTO Hydraulic Pumps At VEVOR

Are you confused about which PTO-driven pump you should choose? There are various power options at VEVOR for a 540 RPM hydraulic PTO pump.

VEVOR Hydraulic Pump 7.4GPM Hydraulic Motor 540RPM 

Made for solid power, this 540 RPM hydraulic motor pump always spins at 540 RPM, giving robust power to your tractor to perform the task with lightning speed.

VEVOR Hydraulic Pump 21.2GPM Hydraulic Motor 540RPM

Perfect for tough jobs, with lots of power to do more work. You can use a 540 PTO hydraulic pump for log splitters, tractors, presses, and more.

VEVOR Hydraulic Pump 16.6GPM Hydraulic Motor 540RPM 

This 6 GPM hydraulic pump is powerful and versatile, making it ideal for various tractor tasks, thanks to its ability to handle different jobs effectively.

Why Choose VEVOR:

When it comes to selecting the perfect PTO hydraulic pump, VEVOR stands as the top choice. Why, you ask?

Wide Selection Option

VEVOR offers a wide selection of pumps, giving you plenty of options to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Reasonable Prices

Our reasonable prices allow you to get top-quality equipment without breaking the bank.

Durable Products

You can rely on VEVOR because we have a reputation for crafting durable and highly efficient products. So, when you choose VEVOR PTO pumps, you're making a smart choice for your tractor's performance and ensuring that it fits well within your budget, making it a wise decision all around.

FAQs about PTO Pumps

Q1:  How can I choose the right PTO hydraulic pump for my tractor?

A1: You can choose the right PTO pump for your tractor by finding the one that matches your tractor's power, ensuring it works with your tractor's brand and model, and considering what tasks your tractor will do. If you're not sure, you can try VEVOR’s PTO pumps.

Q2: Is it challenging to maintain a PTO hydraulic pump?

A2: No, it's not complicated at all. To maintain your PTO pump, clean it regularly to prevent dirt buildup, which can affect how well the hydraulic PTO pump works. If you notice any issues like leaks or strange sounds, contact VEVOR's support team for help. We'll guide you.

Q3: How do I purchase a PTO pump from VEVOR?

A3: It's simple! Visit VEVOR's website, explore each hydraulic PTO pump from the wide selection of pumps, pick the one that suits your needs, and follow the straightforward steps to place your order. 

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