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VEVOR Moonshine Still Distiller 3Gal 12L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Copper Tube Home Brewing Kit Build-in Thermometer for DIY Whisky Wine Brandy Sliver

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Moonshine Still Distiller 3Gal 12L Stainless Steel Water Distiller Copper Tube Home Brewing Kit Build-in Thermometer for DIY Whisky Wine Brandy Sliver

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Jayakumar KP Jayakumar KP
Excellent customer service.
Had ordered the item from the vevor site. Got delivery as mentioned in the order. The package was very nicely packaged. Quality stainless steel tumbler and all other accessories included. Unfortunately I had to return, since it didn't work with my induction stove top. Returns was processed very kindly by the customer service team and issued full refund.
Martin Chadderton Martin Chadderton
This is a great bit of kit and I have made 2 lots of great moonshine with this and there is a lot more to come could do with longer work exit pipe and a few extra worm pipes but all good so far
Suzanne Suzanne
The cooling pan on top needs to be higher or have a heat shield because on a gas hob it heat the water used to cool .one of the cons .
Chris Chris
I appreciate what they've done here but it's definitely far from perfect!
I've done a run with this and I have a few things I've learned...#1 I definitely 100% regret buying the smallest still... That was a huge mistake.. I've decided that I'll eventually buy the bigger still and use the one I have as a thumper.. But yea, that sucks big time.You'll need to buy some extra bits to make this work well - I had to buy extra copper pipe for extending the output pipe away from the still.. I'll probably increase the length of the copper condensing coil also as I feel like it could do more condensing..Also I had to invest in some extra pipe and jubilee clips to hold the water pipes onto the condenser.. And I had to convert my tap so I could put a converter which takes the water from the tap straight to the condenser and back out into the sink.All in all, I am in love with this thing and it's definitely been a great introduction to what I hope is a life long hobby..If you take 1 thing from this review, don't buy the smallest still.. I 100% regret that!
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Watch out if you have an induction hob!
Be aware that this won't work on an induction hob. It seems that the boiler is made from the wrong type of stainless steel. For that reason I returned the item immediately unused. Apart from that, it looked like a workable piece of equipment.
Jimbo Jimbo
All Good
Great seller! Fast response, accurate description. A great product at a very good price, delivered quickly. Pleasure doing business with.
Mark Hunter Mark Hunter
Worked well to make my moonshine, don't use on a cooker though. Lol. Bounces like a jack hammer until heat evens out, very scary... only problem was the cooling worm isn't really big enough so next time I'm going to fabricate a new cooling pot and worm but other than that it works.
J E. J E.
Great and Easy to use. Tho I wouldn’t use Hermes or whatever they are called for delivery as they lie about actually delivering things and are useless to hold of.
dave dave
excellent price & product, fast delivery
excellent price & product, fast delivery
Hristina Hr Hristina Hr

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