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VEVOR 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screening Screenprint Press Screen Printing Machine

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screening Screenprint Press Screen Printing Machine


Customer Reviews

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Roman Fratczak Roman Fratczak
VEVOR Screen Printing Machine, 55x45cm Desktop Silk Screen Printing Machine, 17.7X 21.7 Inch T-Shirt Printing Machine, Manual Screen Printing Press for Clothing, Fabrics, Metals (4 Color 2 Station)
Perfect !!! I recommend this product. Product delivered on time, good quality for this price. Perfect !!! I recommend this product. Product delivered on time, good quality for this price.
Wolf Alexander Wolf Alexander
Best Option For Price Range. Wolf Alexander
Honestly, it’s a great product that I would suggest for anyone that is looking to go into the t-shirt business. The installation was a bit tricky, but it all makes sense. Just remember to only completely tighten arms onto rotating structure after placing all screws in so that it lines up correctly.
Telly Telly
Good for Start ups
As a 19 years running my own clothing business. I think this is worth your money. It comes well packaged. There aren’t really any clear instructions but you can just look up step by step YouTube videos. Doesn’t take too long to build.The only issue I had putting it together was that some of the pieces did not fit in the center circle. So I sort of had to adjust it and make it fit. Overall I like it. Now I’m gonna make my own screens. Wish me the best!
abedifrancis abedifrancis
Dvd not playing
I have received my order alright but the DVD to help me install it is not playing
akeemshola akeemshola
Good purchase
I'm yet to open it so wouldn't know if it's value for money.
Cassandra Cassandra
Fantastic customer service
The press didnt work out for me however I’m giving 5 stars because of the customer service of the seller. This press arrived very quickly and was safely/tightly packed. Assembly took a little while but there’s some videos on YouTube to follow! It didn’t work out for me but the seller did everything to help rectify the situation. If I’m in the market for any of their other offerings, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase. I bought their flash dryer as well and it works great for a bargain!
andreadev15 andreadev15
Great 4 colour press !
Great Product if you want to create your own prints. Robust can go for a lifetime.
Maggie Maggie
It's not fool proof but for budget press it's good
Firstly, I am a person who can not- should not build anything.The paper instructions frankly suck. They do not explain a thing- but if you're good at deciphering images they're good. (i figured it out you can too.) I couldn't use the disc which probably explained things better- like theres an up and downside on the hands that hold your screen.This also could have used a tool to install the springs. HOWEVER I used the Allen key and somehow didn't cause myself any severe injury.I got it built- took more hours than I am willing to publicly admit too- but i did it.I can not figure out the clamps, or at least haven't yet. I'll get that sorted soon I'm sure.It spins, the arms go up and down and I find it to be quite adjustable. So far It's great, I just gotta figure out how to make it hold my screens lol.
Wriggley Wriggley
Really pleased
The only time I have enjoyed spending money, I got value for money with this product, when carrying out the assembly I actually enjoyed it. All straight forward and no bits left over, it was that good.
Terri McAllister Terri McAllister
My daughter loves it
I bought this for my daughter-in-law who is an art teacher. She loves it and says it_ easy to use.

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