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Safety Harness

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Safety Harness
A safety harness is a must-have tool for people who work at height. And if you are a big fan of tree climbing, rock climbing, and hiking, a high-quality safety equipment will make your journey more convenient.
Safety harnesses include many types of products, such as full-body security harnesses, vertical lifeline ropes, and lanyard fliplines. You can combine the above products into one kit for maximum protection.

Full-Body Security Harness
Whether you are polishing windows outside a high-rise building, repairing high-voltage power poles, or climbing a big tree in your yard, wearing a full-body safety harness is necessary. This style of harness can distribute the force of falling into the whole body to reduce damage. You can choose a suitable full-body harness based on your weight and the adjustment range of the waist and legs of the harness.

Vertical Lifeline Rope
If you work long distances at height, you will benefit from a vertical lifeline rope. Here, 25ft-150ft length rope meets your different working scenarios. The lifeline is CE EN355:2002 compliant to ensure your security for fall protection. We kindly advise you to pay attention to rope grab and hooks during purchasing. For example, choosing an adjustable grab that allows you to move smoothly along the lifeline. And steel snap hooks will be more durable than other materials.

Lanyard Flipline
The positioning lanyard is the ultimate choice for arborist gear, tree work, arborist supplies, and tree equipment. We provide different lengths: from 6 ft to 16 ft, and different materials: polyester cover and nylon core, polyester cover and steel core. The D-ring triple-lock carabiner will be your great choice to connect to other equipment firmly, and will not be opened accidentally.

The above is a brief introduction to safety harnesses. More safety harnesses of various specifications await your choice. When you're at height, protect yourself with a name you can trust, VEVOR.