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Salon Chair

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Style with Comfort with VEVOR’s Beauty Salon Styling Chairs

Now, you can turn your salon into a stylish and comfortable haven with VEVOR's luxurious hair salon chairs for sale. We have a variety of salon chairs for sale in our inventory that are sure to improve both the appearance and usability of your beauty parlor.

VEVOR provides premium alternatives for every requirement and preference, from stylish styling chairs to cozy salon stylist chairs. VEVOR beauty salon chairs offer the ideal design, comfort, and sturdiness balance.

Types of Styling Chairs for Salon

Salons often need a variety of chairs tailored for different services. Reclining chairs are ideal for hair washing and treatments, while portable chairs suit mobile stylists. Here are some classic types of beauty salon chairs for sale.

Styling Salon Chairs

Styling salon chairs are necessary for effective and comfortable hair styling. They have height-adjustable settings and a 360-degree swivel for simple moving around the chair to suit stylists of different heights. Sturdy construction and ergonomic design guarantee the comfort of the stylist and the client.

Hydraulic Recliner Barber Chair

Beauty salon styling chairs designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing come under the category of hydraulic recliner barber chairs. Beauty salon styling chairs are made of high quality and heavy duty materials like leather or stainless steel and have stylish designs that go well with the salon's aesthetic. Salons can customize chairs to match their branding, and additional comfort features provide a luxury experience for clients.

Hair Stylist Chairs

Professional stylists have special needs, and hair stylist chairs are made to accommodate them. For simple mobility, they have swivel bases and height adjustment. Durability and hygiene in a busy salon setting are ensured by easy-to-clean materials and durable construction.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Salon Chair

When choosing a beauty salon chair, several important factors should be examined to ensure that it satisfies the demands of both the salon and its clientele.


Comfort is paramount for both stylists and clients. Look for chairs with cushioned seats, ergonomic designs, and adjustable features such as height and recline settings.


Select chairs that are composed of sturdy polymers or heavy duty materials like stainless steel that can resist normal wear and tear, thus making them highly durable.


Chairs with reclining backs, swivel bases, and hydraulic height adjustment provide versatility for different treatments, thus offering high value for money.

Maintenance Tips for Salon Stylist Chairs

Salon stylist chairs need to be maintained to remain durable and to guarantee that both clients and stylists have a positive experience. Frequent cleaning is essential so spills, product residue, and hair must be removed with a gentle wipe-down after each usage. Periodic lubrication of the hydraulic pump and swivel mechanism keeps them from rusting and ensures smooth functioning.

Salon Chairs at VEVOR

Here are a couple of high quality salon chairs for sale at VEVOR.

VEVOR Salon Chair, Barber Chair for Hair Stylist

The VEVOR Salon Chair is a robust and reliable option for any salon or spa environment. Its cast iron base and hydraulic pump can support users weighing up to 330 lbs. The high-density foam padding offers long-lasting comfort, while the swivel feature and height adjustments make it convenient for stylists. This chair is simple to put together and suitable for various salon services.

VEVOR Salon Chair for sale

The VEVOR beauty Salon Chair for sale, with its cast iron base and hydraulic pump, provides solid support and durability for individuals weighing up to 330 pounds. Hair stylists will find it more convenient with its height-adjustable and swivel features, and its high-density foam padding guarantees comfort even after prolonged use. Beauty professionals can rely on this chair as it is easy to install, clean, and suitable for various salon services and locations.

VEVOR Salon Chair, Hydraulic Recliner Barber Chair

With its high-density foam padding, hydraulic pump, and cast iron base, the VEVOR Hair Salon Chair for sale offers comfort and durability. Salon workers will find its height-adjustable, reclining backrest and swivel feature convenient, and the PU leather upholstery ensures minimal upkeep. This chair's adaptable design makes it a solid option for various salon settings.

VEVOR Salon Chair

The VEVOR Salon Chair for sale offers the pinnacle of comfort and durability. This chair is designed with a sturdy cast iron base and a hydraulic pump to provide steady support for stylists and customers. All styling experiences are made more convenient by its 360° rotating feature and adjustable height, and its high-density foam padding guarantees long-lasting comfort during lengthy salon sessions. This styling chair for a salon is a flexible addition to any salon, offering the ideal balance of usefulness and style. It is simple to construct and maintain.

VEVOR Styling Chair for Salon

The VEVOR Salon Chair is the ultimate in comfort and utility. It provides unmatched support with its 330-pound weight capacity, robust cast iron base, and hydraulic pump. The chair is incredibly versatile with its 360° swivel capability, height adjustment, and reclining backrest that can be adjusted from 90° to 130°. It offers the best possible comfort for stylists and clients alike. An easy-to-clean PU leather surface and high-quality foam padding ensure a hassle-free and comfortable salon experience. This styling chair for salon is an essential piece of equipment for any professional salon setting because of its durable construction and stylish design.

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

At VEVOR, we take great satisfaction in providing a large selection of salon chairs for sale made of premium materials that guarantee longevity and customer and salon professional comfort. Selecting VEVOR is the ideal option for improving your salon experience because of our affordable costs, wide selection of styles, and first-rate customer support.

FAQs about Salon Hair Chairs

Q1: Are warranties offered for salon hair chairs?

A1: For your peace of mind, warranties are included with most of our salon hair chairs. For precise information about the warranty, please see the product description.

Q2: Can chairs in salons be adjusted?

A2: Yes, to suit varying styling tastes, several of our salon chairs have height and reclining adjustments.

Q3: How can I pick the ideal styling chair for a salon?

A3: When choosing a styling chair for a salon, take comfort, longevity, style, and adaptability into account. For tailored advice, you can also speak with our customer support representatives.

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