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Snow & Ice Removal Equipment

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Explore VEVOR’s Advance Ice and Snow Removal Equipment Selection

Winter is fun, but if you are living in certain parts of the world, you might dread winters—thinking of ice and snow covering the residential, commercial, and public spaces. Homeowner with snow-covered walkways and driveways need a way to get in and out of their homes. This is where ice and snow removal equipment comes in.

You might be thinking of giant snowplows that remove snow covers from streets and highways, but no, you do not need those giant equipments. At VEVOR, we offer smart snow and ice removal equipment that can help keep your residential property accessible and functional—floors warm and pipes running —throughout harsh winters.

Types of Snow & Ice Removal Equipment

Different types of snow removal equipment are available on the market to deal with different levels of snow and ice removal operations.  

Snow Plows

Snow plows are the most common snow removal tools that are mounted on vehicles to remove snow from outdoor surfaces such as roads, parking lots, and other large areas, providing safe passage for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Snow Blowers

Also referred to as snow throwers, these snow and ice removal tools are mechanical marvels. They are equipped with an auger motor that scoops the snow, compresses it, and blows it from the discharge chute. They make the best sidewalk snow removal equipment, as they can help quickly clear snow from.

Snow Shovels

Snow shovels are manual snow removal tools that work wonders for meticulously clearing snow from unwanted places such as sidewalks, driveways, and other confined areas.

Snow Melting Mats

Electrically heated snow melting mats mark a breakthrough in snow-clearing equipment. They help melt the snow that falls on them, thus ensuring that the targeted areas remain clear of snow. When placed strategically along walkways or driveways, these heated snow-melting mats ensure that these areas remain clear of snow all the time.

Offering safe footing and reducing required manual labor, VEVOR snow melting mats have become a go-to choice for many property owners.

Self-Regulating Pipe Heating Cable

Self-regulating pipe heating cables are an invaluable piece of modern engineering. By adjusting their heat output depending on the surrounding temperature, self-regulating heating cables provide crucial freeze protection for pipes. They help ensure seamless water flow through pipes, even during extreme cold.

Snow Pushers

Snow pushers are mounted at the front of vehicles to clear away massive quantities of snow quickly and safely during extreme winters. They help make snow removal fast and efficient, especially when the path is straight.

Snow Rakes

With their extended handles, snow rakes are ideal tools for snow removal from difficult-to-reach areas. They are perfect for removing the snow accumulated on roofs or other elevated surfaces.

Salt Spreaders

As their name indicates, salt spreaders help spread salt over large areas such as roads, fields, parking lots, etc., making the ice covers break up and melt away.  

Applications of Snow Removal Equipment

There are many applications of snow removal tools that help keep life going during winter’s icy grip.

1. Roads and Highways

As winter blankets roads and highways with an unwelcome layer of snow, it is snow removal equipment that helps remove snow and makes them safe for driving.

2. Sidewalks and Walkways

As snow covers sidewalks and walkways, it becomes difficult for pedestrians to walk on them. However, by using sidewalk snow removal equipment such as snow blowers, shovels, and snow melting mats, snow can be removed from sidewalks, allowing people to walk safely.

3. Parking Lots

Navigating a snow-filled parking lot is impossible. But snow removal tools such as plows, pushers, and spreaders take the challenge head-on and help remove snow and ice from parking lots, making them functional.

4. Access Areas

Heavy snow covers access areas to residential and commercial properties, making them inaccessible—no one can get out or out. However, by strategically placing snow melting mats on access areas, property owners can ensure that the access areas remain free of snow and their properties remain accessible.

5. Airports

Snowfall can interrupt operations at airports. But with the help of snow moving equipment, airport staff can remove snow from the runways and ensure safe takeoffs and landings of airplanes. Besides runways, snow removal equipment can also help in snow removal from taxiways and other airport surfaces for seamless operations.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Ice and Snow Removal Equipment

To ensure that you are fully prepared for winter, you need to make sure that you have the right snow removal equipment. Below, we have discussed a few factors for you to consider when buying snow removal tools.

1. Type of Equipment: There are many different types of snow removal tools, each offering a unique set of features. So, make sure that you get the snow equipment that best meets your snow removal needs. For instance, if you are looking for sidewalk snow removal equipment, consider snow blowers for larger areas and manual shovels for smaller spaces. For brief access areas, you can also consider snow melting mats. And if you are looking to keep the water from freezing in pipes, consider investing in self-regulating pipe heating cables.

2. Snow and Ice Density: Consider the level of snowfall that occurs in your area and choose the snow clearance equipment accordingly. Where lighter and fluffy snow can be cleared with shovels and lesser-powered blowers, dense and wet snow will require robust snow equipment such as heavy snow blowers, plows, and pushers.

3. Area Size: Your snow clearing equipment selection will also depend on the area that needs to be cleared.

4. Durability: If you want your snow removal equipment to remain functional throughout multiple winters, you need to make sure that the snow removal tools that you get are manufactured with durable material.

5. Environmental Impact: When selecting equipment for snow removal, take into account its environmental impact. Consider eco-friendly de-icing practices such as electric snow melting mats and pipe heating cables that we offer at VEVOR.

Choose VEVOR for Eco-Friendly and Advance Snow Removal Equipment

At VEVOR, we offer a collection of advanced snow removal tools. Equipped with our snow removal equipment, you won’t have to wait for the snow to fall and then go out to clear it. Instead, you can put snow melting mats in place to take care of the snow. Similarly, you can install self-regulating pipe heating cables to ensure that the water does not freeze in the pipes or storage tanks.

You can enjoy VEVOR’s advanced snow removal technology at highly affordable rates. We also offer free home delivery, 30-day no-hassle returns, a 12-month warranty, and online customer support that is available round the clock to help you out.

Winter is coming. Order now!

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