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Handrail Arch #4 Fits 4 or 5 Steps Matte Black (22)
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Handrail Picket #2 Fits 2 Steps Matte Black (27)
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Handrail Arch #3 Fits 3 or 4 Steps Matte Black (22)
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Stair Handrail
Are you looking for something to safeguard and decorate your staircase? Our stair handrail is a perfect choice to provide both protection and decoration. High-quality materials ensure stability and reliability, no more worry about falling from stairs. Complete accessories like screws and wrenches are all provided for easy and quick installation. The stair handrail is essential for protecting the elderly, children, pregnant, people after surgery, and other disabled family members.
According to the installation methods, these stair handrails can be divided into floor mounted and wall mounted.

Floor Mounted Stair Handrail
Floor mounted handrail is a popular choice for steps of porches, balconies, gardens, hotels, decks, homes, etc. Concrete, brick, and wooden floors are all available, just install with different screws. We have single-post handrail for 1 or 2 steps and double-posts handrail in different length for more steps up to 8. It is suggested to decide the proper handrail according to the quantity and dimension of your staircase.

Wall Mounted Stair Handrail
If your stair is along a wall, then the wall mounted handrail will meet your needs. Pipe handrails allow DIY installation like horizontal, vertical and inclined. They can be widely used as handrails, door handle, grab bar, and clothes rack. We also provide you with various stylish shapes of wall mounted handrails for decorating your buildings.

Different Materials
Besides installation, our stair handrails also have difference in materials. They can be divided into wrought iron, steel, aluminum alloy, steel, and stainless steel. Most of them are black or white powder coated for better decoration of your stairs. Different materials forms different styles and colors. You can choose the materials according to your preference.

The above is a brief introduction to stair handrail. More stair handrails of various sizes and styles await your choice. Refresh your staircase with a name you can trust, VEVOR.

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