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Chisel Bits

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SDS Chisel Bit To Redefine Masonry

Your tools must be precise and swift at assisting you with remodeling your home. The VEVOR SDS chisel bit comes in handy for that reason. Tailored specifically for the skilled artisan, this Chisel surpasses the basic functionality. It affords you the accuracy that sets you above the others.

Picture yourself quickly cutting even hard metals and attaining unprecedented precision with every slice. VEVOR SDS chisel Bit is not just a tool but an access way to more effective project realization and seamless production.

Reach for extraordinary heights with Vevor power tools at its best.

SDS Chisel Bits In Our Collection

Learn about the perfection of SDS Chisel Bits, the versatile tools in our toolbox designed to be efficient and expertly used on any task.

SDS Point Chisel

SDS Point Chisel breaks and chisels precisely into concrete and stone. It has a pointed end that is effective in precision demolition work, such as removing one tile or brick. Most people use bits made of heat-treated high-quality steel for these purposes.

This makes it a pointed tip that provides precise, controlled chiseling. The use of high-grade steel construction guarantees durability and strength.

SDS Flat Chisel

The SDS Flat Chisel is specially designed to cut bricks and concrete for other general tasks, such as breakage, to achieve more flexibility in different demolition jobs. The thin blade breaks down extensive material like concrete slabs and plaster. They are generally made in alloy steel of high grade or specially pre-treated carbon steel.

It comes with a wide blade that can remove large chunks. Applicable to several demolition jobs in concrete and masonry.

SDS Scaling Chisel

The SDS scaling Chisel has been optimized to eliminate rust, scale, and previous stone-based mortars from surfaces. The vast and flat blade with a chisel edge cleans and prepares surfaces ahead of the process. These are hardened or alloyed SDS scaling chisels for repetitive striking and grinding.

Suitable for cleaning and pre-working onto surfaces. Hardened steel construction enhances durability.

SDS Chisel Bit Care

Explore the art of SDS Chisel Bit care, where careful upkeep keeps your tools' accuracy intact and guarantees they remain dependable and razor-sharp.

Keep it Cool, Buddy

Cool chisels make for efficient chisels – remember! If it gets too hot at work—literally—take a break. It is essential to cool down your Chisel since it can become too hot, leading to blunting of the edge.

Mind the Vibration

However, excessive vibration wears out the Chisel prematurely. Watch out for excessive shaking, and if you feel like you have shakers' hands, use anti-shaker gloves or change playing mechanics.


Clean your Chisel nicely after a long working day. Get rid of these particles that stick while you are driving. Using a clean chisel is safer and more effective because it also works longer.

Rotation Is Key

Change the area of the Chisel whenever you use it. Make sure you rotate it regularly to wear down pressure points uniformly. A straightforward method can add several years of additional service for your Chisel.

Considerations To Make For SDS Chisel Bit

Do you want SDS max chisel bits or an SDS plus chisel bits? Discover the critical factors to consider what you want, and gain the ability to adjust to various project obstacles. Your tool's quality depends on your considerations; look into the elements that create ideal conditions for success.

Material Magic

To begin with, find out what it's made of. This is the best product you need, such as top-grade steel or a sturdy alloy. That's the secret for a big lift.

Fit Matters

This is similar to seeking the right dancing partner, whereby your Chisel should have the same grooves as your drill bit. Ensure your drill bit is securely fit into the chuck. That snug fit is necessary for smooth performance.

Armor Up

Have you ever come across chrome and nickel plating? It's the armor of your Chisel. Extra resistance for your bit to prevent rust or friction.


Aim for versatility. You demand a chisel-like multi-tool prepared for different activities. This allows you to have something extra for less money spent.

Length and Size

Extended vs short; good power play or maneuver in close quarters? It also depends on size and whatever you are up against. Pick the Goldilocks zone of choice suited for your project.

First-Rate VEVOR SDS Chisel Bits

As we highlight the excellent VEVOR SDS Chisel Bits, enter the world of superb tools. These pieces, made for pros in the construction industry and beyond, redefine perfection with each Chisel, cut, and carve.

3.9" SDS Floor Scraper

It has a sleek, handly SDS-Plus shank, making it very easy to operate. The long shaft is fabricated by a hardened 40Cr steel that provides an unrelenting amount of flexibility and perfect force transfer for better results. This SDS plus shovel bit removes tiles, thin sets, mortar, old linoleum, and any other stubborn adhesive with a smooth finish.

SDS Max Clay Spade

The clay spade fits all the hammers and has an SDS Max shank system for locking. This SDS shovel bit has an ergonomically angled working end, making digging super efficient. It has a long shaft measuring 17.7 inches. It is additional for creating big holes on hard surfaces and point chisels.

1-⅛" Hexagon Clay Spade

The jackhammer spade bit is designed for use in harsh working conditions. This clay spade will also fit all hammer chisel locking systems with a 1- and 1/8" hex shank. Clay spade scoops have long extended arms at 17.9 inches. It is designed for trenching and digging clay, abode, frozen, paved or filled soil, packed or concrete ice.

5.9" SDS Max Floor Scraper

The SDS max floor scraper can be used with any SDS max-sized drillers produced by diverse producers. The replaceable five-and-a-half-inch wide blades cut more thin set adhesives per pass than other chisel scalers. It makes it possible for you to get even into the narrowest corners. The floor scraper's moment arm is longer at 24.4 inches. Its main aim is to remove tiles, thin sets, mortar, and old linoleum, among other things.

SDS Max Shank

A handheld Max shank provides easy operation. It is a thinset removal tool, which can work for most hammer types. It works with an extra wide 5.9-inch blade that cleans up more thin-set and adhesives with each pass than regular chisels. This bit functions like a floor scraper blade because of its long moment arm of 15.7 inches, saving you the required time and energy when using it as a floor scraper head.

Why VEVOR For SDS Chisel Bit?

For an ideal SDS chisel bit, one should consider VEVOR. The unique benefits offered to customers mirror the company's quest for quality. The number of options available means we guarantee one SDS Chisel Bit to meet your specific project needs. However, it is our uncompromising focus on quality, too, that makes us different from others. Our SDS Chisel Bits, made from quality products, will survive tough jobs. And the best part? The prices of quality are low on VEVOR.ҽ This is because we believe in offering cost-effective products of high quality. Every artisan has access to cutting-edge tools because our prices are affordable. You get your money's worth, as they say. Actively now, visit our many SDS Chisel Bits and see what handiwork at its best means VEVOR. Vevor's top-quality products with a lot of options at affordable prices have got your project needs sorted!

Act now, go through our vast assortment of VEVOR SDS Chisel Bits, and see the excellent artistry of VEVOR. When it comes to your projects, remember they need the best; that's why go for quality, choose diversity, but most importantly, choose the affordable from VEVOR.

FAQs About SDS Chisel Bits

Q1: Will SDS Chisel Bit have any issues with lubrication?

A1: Lubrication on the shank may improve the instrument's performance and usability. However, make sure that the lubricant must be compatible with the materials you are working with so as not to avoid contamination.

Q2: Will a regular drill work well enough with SDS Chisel Bit apart from chisel drill bit?

A2: The SDS chisel bit is meant only for a tool with an SDS chuck system fitting. Trying to use them with a standard drill without the suitable chuck might turn out to be useless, while, at the same time, it may cause damage. So, find a chisel drill bit for your drill.

Q3: What is the variation between SDS plus chisel bits and SDS max chisel bits?

A3: The only significant difference is the size and wattage compatibility. SDS Plus chisel bits are meant for light applications, while SDS Max is used for heavier duties. You should ensure that the capacity of your tool is suitable for the chisel bit type.

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