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Hoists & Winches & Rigging

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Unveil The Robust Electric Winch Hoist At VEVOR

An electric hoist winch is a mechanical device for pulling or lowering different loads. It can be a massive load of bricks on a construction site or a vehicle at a garage. There are a variety of these electric hoists available in the market. Some devices are powered by hand, while others can be powered with hydraulic and electric motors.

 A wire rope, a chain, or a cable is used for pulling the loads. Depending on the strength and reliability of these chains and wires, an electric hoist winch can offer more pulling strength. A drum or lift wheel is used to move the chain while lifting or lowering the load to offer smooth functioning and improved safety.

Look For Types of Electric Hoists and Winches At VEVOR

Making a purchase shouldn’t be a rash and quick decision, especially about a crucial hoist on numerous work sites. Check out the options to understand what type of winch hoist you need.

Wire Rope Hoists

These hoists are usually found with large lifting capacities because of the tensile strength of the wire rope. Most of the wire ropes can pull above 10 tons of weight.


Faster operation

Does not produce loud sound

Good for lifting heavy loads


Less durable 

Chain Hoists

They are durable types of hoists and last for a long time because of the chain. Chain hoists can lift weights below 10 tons.






Not suitable for lifting at a high height

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting a Hoist Winch

Lift capacity, height, strength, and many other factors must be considered when purchasing a hoist winch or ceiling winch. Here, we’ve discussed some of the most crucial factors for you.

Lift Capacity

Check out the tolerance of the line material, the frequency of use, and the structure where the hoist will be suspended. This will determine how much lift capacity of the electric come-along winch you require.

Power Source

Different types of hoists and winches require different power sources. You may be able to provide a power source in the form of a car battery, so you need to look out for a winch that can work on the car battery, like a ceiling winch.

Suspension Type

You may be looking to hook or bolt your hoist to a permanent fixture or over a movable stand. So, go for a particular hoist suitable for the suspension type you need in your equipment.

Main Features and Tips To Maintain An Electric Hoist Winch

An electric winch hoist is a multipurpose equipment suitable for lifting and towing jobs. Depending on the type of hoist you choose, you can utilize it for outdoor and indoor uses like garages, building sites, warehouses, and factories.

If you want your electric wire rope hoist to keep working for a long time, don't forget to oil it regularly with the recommended oil. When not in use, carefully wrap the wire of the electric come-along winch and keep it out of wet places. This will save your equipment from rusting, increasing its lifespan.

Hot Selling Electric Winch Hoist From VEVOR

You may be confused about which product you should select from our wide variety. We’ve compiled the top three hot-selling items to narrow down your research.

VEVOR Electric Hoist Winch, 1500W 110V Portable Winch Crane 

Looking for a portable electric hoist? This one comes with a 1500-watt power and 1100-lb loading capacity, and the best part is that you can take it wherever you want.

VEVOR Alloy Steel 1100 lbs Winch, 1100 LBS Lift, 110 V Overhead

There's nothing better than an electric hoist winch that you can turn into a ceiling winch or use as a 110-volt winch. You can use it with a manual switch or the wireless remote control for ease.

VEVOR Electric Hoist, 2200 lb Overhead Crane Garage w/Steel Hook

Pull up to 2200 LBS weight with this small electric hoist. With such a load capacity, this electric come-along winch can be used at various places like railway construction site factories and by car makers.

Reasons To Buy From VEVOR

Not sure whether VEVOR is the right place to spend money for buying a winch hoist? Let’s count on the benefits you’ll have upon choosing us. 

High-Quality Products

Our products are maintained on high-quality standards to save you money and give you reliable and durable products. We ensure safety features in our products to make them safe for our customers.

Value For Money

VEVOR  cares for its customers and offers affordable products within your budget range. You will not have to pay more for something not worth it. So you always get what you pay for.

Range of Options

You don't have to confine your choice to a few products because we have multiple options available for you to select from. A comprehensive variety shows you get the exact product you need without compromising.

FAQs about Electric Hoist Winch 

Q1: How much power does a hoist use?

A1: Electric hoists usually require 150 to 200 amperes of power. But the fact that they are not used for long relieves you from the stress of paying high power bills. You can also try investing in manual chain hoists to reduce power consumption.

Q2: How fast is a winch hoist?

A2: It is difficult to give a particular time range in which a winch can lift a load because different types have different capacities. But for example, an electric winch that can pull between 0.5 to 60 tons of weight usually works between 20 to 35 minutes.

Q3: How can I power an electric hoist?

A3: A battery is required for operating an electric hoist. This can be a vehicle or specific battery for operating the winch.

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