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Interlocking Rubber Tiles

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Sustainable And Efficient Building Designs with VEVOR's Rubber Floor Tiles

Although ceramic tiles are older than rubber tiles, rubber tiles have made a good place among home flooring options. An efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing interior decoration choice, rubber tiles keep being an option for many reasons.

Not only does the use of floor rubber tiles have many advantages, they are an excellent option for lovers of the environment. Some rubber floor interlocking tiles are eco-friendly from recycled rubbers like tires, making the environment cleaner.

Rubber tiles are great, and so is VEVOR. It is no wonder that VEVOR is dedicated to making a wide range of durable and beautiful rubber tiles to serve various needs.

What Are Rubber Floor Tiles?

Rubber floor tiles are basically what they sound like floor tiles made from rubber. They are usually made from synthetic or recycled rubbers. Sometimes, manufacturers make rubber floor tiles from natural rubber latex.

The chosen rubber component is mixed with other additives like curing agents and pigments to achieve results like texture and colors. After this, they are passed through a calendaring machine to flatten and make equal surfaces before being cut into the desired shapes and sizes.

Some designs and textures on some rubber tiles can be made by embossing or layering. The rubber tiles are checked for quality throughout the process to ensure only the good ones get to the market. They are packed and distributed after the design and cutting process has been achieved.

Advantages Of Using Rubber Floor Tiles

What many people don't know is that ceramic and rubber flooring tiles have different uses. However, even when you can exchange one for the other, here are why rubber tiles are a great choice:

 Shock and Sound Absorption: Rubber is an excellent insulator. This means it can hold a sound without transferring it further. This is a good advantage of rubber tiles as there will be little sound, and the shocks cannot be so much.

 Slip Resistance: People easily slip on ceramic tiles. In the past years, too many accidents have been relayed to slips on ceramic tiles. On the other hand, rubber tiles make it difficult to slip.

 Easy Maintenance: Rubber floor tiles can be easily cleaned, swept and mopped. It doesn't get dirty so severely, so it does not need much deep cleaning. With the ability to be as good as new after a great cleaning, rubber floor tiles are beneficial due to their easy cleaning ability.

 Availability of Options: Rubber tiles are made in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. With many options available, you are not restricted and can make better choices.

Various Applications Of Rubber Floor Tiles

When people think of rubber floor interlocking tiles, they think of children's playgrounds. However, the use of rubber floor tiles transcends that. Its many advantages make it suitable for many places. They include:

● Children's Playgrounds: They are a natural option for children's playgrounds. They prevent falls and slips and manage injuries that could have happened when a Chile falls. People also use them in children's schools and daycares to prevent them from getting hurt if they fall and prevent accidents.

● Gyms: Interlocking gym tiles are the natural options for both home and outdoor gyms. They help minimize impacts and reduce people's accident strain.

● Commercial Spaces: The ability to accommodate much traffic is a significant reason it is a good choice in this setting. Commercial spaces like retail stores also use rubber tiles to reduce noise and prevent accidents.

● Industrial Settings: Rubber tiles work perfectly, even in the presence of heavy machinery. Therefore, it is unsurprising to see rubber tile flooring in an industrial area.

● Hospital And Healthcare Facilities: Rubber tiles can be easily cleaned and maintained. Hence, the popularity in places that need clean clothes.

Why choose VEVOR's Rubber Floor Tiles?

Choosing the suitable rubber tiles for your needs matters. It saves you extra costs and can help prevent a lot of accidents. Therefore, it is crucial that you get your rubber tiles from reliable manufacturers.

VEVOR is a trustworthy manufacturer of rubber flooring tiles. Having put so many resources into building the brand, VEVOR ensures that all products undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.

Also, you can contact our customer assistance center for any questions regarding the rubber tiles for flooring. This includes making inquiries before purchasing the type of rubber floor tiles you should buy and seeking directions after purchase on installation and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rubber Floor Tiles

1. Can I install my rubber floor tiles by myself?

Yes, it is easy to install rubber interlocking tiles, and you can do it yourself. There are different types of rubber tiles, hence, different installation processes.

However, the process generally includes cleaning the surface you are installing on. Then, you can measure and mark spaces to ensure an organized arrangement. After this, you can apply adhesive if needed and proceed to lay the tiles.

2. Are rubber floor tiles suitable for outdoor uses?

Yes, there are many tiles suitable for outdoor uses. However, you must note that not all rubber tiles can be used outdoors so you must consider the type of rubber used in making the tile. Also, you should consider the climate and intended use before deciding on a rubber tile for outdoor use.

3. Can rubber floor tiles' colors and sizes be customized?

Yes, you do not have to worry about rubber tiles bringing disruption to your color scheme. Rubber tiles are usually made in different colors so you have multiple options. In addition, you can reach out to a manufacturer for a more customized color.

Also, although there is a standard size for rubber tiles, you can ask for a customized size for your unique space. 

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