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Camper Leveler

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VEVOR Leveling Blocks: A Comprehensive Guide on RV Stability

RV leveling blocks are helpful equipment that enables you to level your RV even on sloping terrain. They are occasionally called jack pads, stacker blocks, or stabilizer pads. RV leveling blocks are also helpful in keeping your jacks from sagging into the ground while you're parked on soft terrain.

As seasoned travelers are well aware, the sturdiness of your mobile sanctuary is essential to a memorable RV experience. By providing a selection of leveling blocks that are painstakingly crafted to transform the way you set your camp completely, VEVOR goes above and beyond in this dedication.

Why Do You Need to Level Your RV?

You might wonder whether leveling blocks are necessary if your RV has electric or hydraulic jacks. The following are compelling arguments for leveling your RV using leveling blocks or jacks.


An RV that is uneven is unstable. The trailer components that aren't properly supported will be subjected to much strain when you enter and exit the coach.

This can lead to wear and tear or distort RV parts bearing too much weight. By stabilizing your camper, you shift the vehicle's weight to the parts meant to support it.


In addition, good leveling encourages efficient drainage toward your waste water tanks. You want your gray and black water to go where it should, whether using the sink, shower, or toilet, without struggling to get there.

Appliances and Systems

You may need to learn many of the features in an RV depending on the level surface to function. Because they rely on gravity, air conditioning and refrigerator coils will not cool properly if the coach is tilted.

Your food can go wrong, and your air conditioning might only work properly if you level up. Additionally, inaccurate information may be displayed on the storage tanks with monitors if your coach needs to be level.

Types of RV Leveling Blocks

Level footing within your travel trailer or recreational vehicle requires RV leveling blocks. Selecting the right kind might take time and effort.

DIY Wood Blocks

Making wood blocks is cheap if you already own a table saw. These heavy-duty RV leveling blocks may eventually rust or develop cracks. Additionally, creating your wood blocks is likely not the greatest idea if you are not at least handy.

Plastic Leveling Stacker Pads

These leveling blocks have the advantages of being lightweight and storing conveniently due to their compact stacking form. The waffle-like grid bottom on many RV leveling blocks is a disadvantage.

Andersen Levelers

Leveling is a relatively quick and easy process using these leveling blocks. It just takes a few minutes to level appropriately. For RVers, the Anderson Levelers' portability and lightweight design are essential.

Utility Blocks

Many of the drawbacks of other RV leveling blocks are addressed by utility blocks. They are the ideal option for any RV since they are nearly unbreakable despite being lightweight.

Even while they cost more than less expensive plastic blocks, they are still far cheaper than many "high-end" jack pads without compromising quality.

How to Use RV Leveling Blocks

If you drive an RV, you must bring leveling blocks with you. You will know exactly what your site will look like once you leave on a trip. Here are some things to keep in mind when using RV leveling blocks

Keep the Area Clean

First, clear the area of any big stones, sticks, or other debris. To ensure proper leveling of this material, ensure they won't be close to the RV leveling blocks.

Never Use Leveling Blocks On All Four Wheels

There must always be one wheel on the ground. Mud is not intended to be counteracted by leveling blocks. All they have to do is adjust the rig so the four wheels are the same height. Placing stones under every wheel to raise the rig further off the ground is not logical.

Align the Wheel with the Center of your Leveling Blocks

Stackable bricks must be leveled beneath the hubcap's center, where the logo and circular ball are visible. This should assist you in putting the tire in the correct location and helping you level everything correctly.

Align the Leveling Blocks Directly Behind Each Wheel

Ensure your level blocks are exactly where you want them for the RV. This will let you know how high they should be and how far apart the objects should be from the tires.

If you arrange things sideways, you run the danger of the wheel coming off the blocks. This could lead to some severe problems. Make sure the RV leveling blocks are stacked similarly if you have two wheels close to one another.

Get Someone to Help You Get on Top of the Leveling Blocks

It is advisable to have somebody outside the RV notify you when all the wheels are in the proper position until you have sufficient experience. It simply needs to be more complex to avoid placing the RV's wheels in the center of each pile of leveling blocks.

Why Purchase VEVOR RV Leveling Blocks?

VEVOR's revolutionary RV Leveling Blocks will revolutionize your RV experience. These blocks exemplify steadiness on the road, designed to be the best. Because they are made of sturdy materials, they provide a stable base that reduces wobbling and increases safety.

Leveling is a breeze because of VEVOR's user-friendly design, demonstrating their dedication to innovation. These leveling blocks offer both frequent and weekend travelers simplicity and peace of mind. Invest in VEVOR for consistently better quality, dependability, and a more seamless travel experience.

FAQs About RV Leveling Blocks

Why do I need RV leveling blocks?

RV leveling blocks are necessary to guarantee that your RV is built on a level and stable base. They aid in reducing pain, enhancing safety, and ensuring that the gadgets in your RV operate effectively.

Can I use leveling blocks for both single and dual-axle RVs?

Indeed, VEVOR leveling blocks are adaptable and appropriate for RVs with one or two axles. They provide an adaptable solution for different RV setups.

Do leveling blocks work on uneven terrain?

Indeed, leveling blocks are made especially to give stability on uneven ground. Especially in rugged terrain, VEVOR leveling blocks perform exceptionally well at offering a solid foundation.

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