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Creasing Machine

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Craft Flawless Creases with Advanced Paper Creasing Machines

When it comes to paper handling, precision and efficiency are the most important, VEVOR stands as a pioneering force, offering a diverse range of creasing machines designed to elevate your paper projects to new heights. From the meticulous creasing of office documents to the artistic perfection of creative crafts, VEVOR's creasing machines serve as the cornerstone of exceptional paper craftsmanship among your other office supplies.

VEVOR's lineup of creasing machines caters to a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring that whether you're a small business owner, a creative enthusiast, or a large-scale industrial operation, there's a perfect match for your requirements. In a world where precision matters, VEVOR's commitment to excellence shines through in each of their creasing machines.

The art of paper manipulation requires tools that offer not only precision but also versatility, and this is precisely what you can expect from VEVOR. With a focus on precision, performance, and durability, VEVOR's creasing machines are your trusted companions in the journey of transforming paper into flawless works of art.

Types of Creasing Machines

VEVOR offers a range of paper scoring machines to cater to diverse needs.

Electric Creasing Machines

These machines are known for their efficiency and speed, making them a great choice for high-volume projects.

Manual Creasing Machines

If you prefer a hands-on, personalized approach to your paper projects, manual creasing machines offer precision with a personal touch.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing A Paper Scoring Machine

When choosing the appropriate paper scoring machine, several factors should be considered.

Project Volume

Consider the amount of paper you need to process regularly, as this will guide you in choosing between electric and manual scoring machines.

Paper Size Compatibility

Ensure that the scoring machine can accommodate the sizes of paper you commonly work with.

Efficiency and Speed

For high-volume projects, opt for the electric scoring machines known for their speed and efficiency.

Precision and Control

If you require fine, precise creases, choose a machine that offers excellent control.


Some creasing machines come with additional functions like perforating and scoring, offering added value for specific tasks.

Durability and Maintenance

Look for scoring machines with sturdy construction and consider maintenance requirements to ensure long-term reliability.

Safety Features

Always prioritize safety. Check for safety features and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation.

Special Functions and Maintenance Tips

VEVOR's creasing machines go beyond the ordinary, offering special functions that elevate the quality and efficiency of your paper projects—these machines are designed to streamline your workflow and enhance the final results. Electric creasing machines, for instance, excel in terms of speed and precision, making them ideal for high-volume tasks. Their automated operation ensures consistent paper scoring, saving you time and effort.

On the other hand, manual creasing machines provide a personal touch to your creations. They are trusted for artistic projects that require a hands-on approach. Their simplicity, combined with precise control, allows you to achieve unique, handcrafted creases that stand out.

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your creasing machine, regular maintenance is essential. Keep your machine clean and free of paper debris. Lubricate moving parts as recommended in the user manual to prevent wear and tear. Store your creasing machine in a dry place to avoid rust or damage. By following these simple maintenance practices, you can rely on your VEVOR creasing machine for countless projects, consistently delivering precise and professional results.

Popular Creasing Machines on VEVOR

Explore some of VEVOR's standout creasing machines, each designed to excel in specific applications:

VEVOR 5-in-1 20.5" Electric Paper Creasing Machine

Versatility at its best, this electric creasing machine offers perforating and scoring capabilities. With precise control and speed, it's a go-to choice for businesses seeking efficiency.

VEVOR 18" Manual Scoring Paper Creasing Machine

This manual creasing machine adds a physical touch to your projects while providing the most perfect binding you'll ever find. Its simple yet effective design is widely trusted for various paper creations.

VEVOR 3-in-1 18" Electric Creasing Machine

Perfect for industrial use, this electric creasing machine combines paper scoring, cutting, and folding functions. It's an ideal choice for businesses that demand multifunctionality and efficiency.

VEVOR 19" 480mm Manual Scoring Paper Creasing Machine

Craft impeccable photos and get the perfect binding and more with this manual scoring machine. It's designed for precision and trusted in making memorable prints.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR's commitment to delivering top-tier office equipment is unwavering. Our creasing machines are a testament to quality, precision, and innovation. With a wide selection of styles and complete range of products, VEVOR ensures that your paper projects achieve excellence. Moreover, competitive prices make VEVOR's creasing machines accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're managing office documents, filing or binding, or pursuing industrial applications, VEVOR's creasing machines provide the edge you need for perfect results.

FAQs about Creasing Machines

Q1: How do I choose between an electric and manual creasing machine?

A1: The choice depends on your project volume and preference. Electric machines are efficient for high volumes, while manual machines offer a more personalized touch for creative projects.

Q2: Can these machines handle different paper sizes?

A2: Yes, VEVOR's creasing machines are designed to accommodate various paper sizes, ensuring versatility in your projects.

Q3: What maintenance is required for these creasing machines?

A3: Regular cleaning and lubrication are essential to keep your creasing machine in optimal condition. Store it in a dry place to prevent damage.

Q4: Are there any safety precautions I should follow when using these machines?

A4: Always follow the safety guidelines in the user manual to ensure safety and efficient operation.

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