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Exhaust Hood

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Transform Your Culinary Endeavors With Commercial Hood Exhausts

Maintaining a functional kitchen environment is essential; commercial hoods are the most common way to achieve that. These hoods are a part of any kitchen as they effectively eliminate heat smoke and remove odors while improving ventilation. In this guide, we will delve into the world of exhaust hoods, focusing specifically on the offerings by VEVOR.


Discover how VEVOR’s exhaust hoods can elevate your kitchen experience and bring added advantages to your pursuits. 

Collection of Hood Exhausts

When it comes to exhaust hoods, there are various types to suit different kitchen setups and requirements. Let us explore these types in detail to understand their functions and characteristics. 

Wall Mounted Hoods

Wall-mounted hoods are the most common choice for kitchens with limited capacity. These hoods are affixed to the wall above the cooking surface, effectively capturing heat smoke. They are perfect for small-scale commercial kitchens, providing ventilation for tight spaces. 

Island Hoods

These range hoods are designed specifically for kitchens with cooking islands. Hanging from the ceiling, these ventilation systems are efficiently tailored to serve island cooktops. 

Under Cabinet Hoods

These hoods are installed beneath kitchen cabinets, providing a solution to save space while ensuring proper venting. This is a lifesaver, especially if you have limited space options. Their stainless steel exterior makes it easy to remove grease so you can enjoy your culinary journey without fear of rust.

Downdraft Hoods

It would be best to consider Downdraft hoods for a sleek and modern choice of kitchen hoods. They are set up flush with the cooking surface and retract when not in use, making them perfect for open-air kitchen designs.

Important Factors When Choosing An Exhaust Hood 

There are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting the perfect exhaust hood for your kitchen: 

Flow Rate

The ability of an exhaust hood to effectively move air is determined by its flow rate, often measured with cubic feet per minute (CFM). Larger kitchens may need hoods with higher CFM ratings to ensure enough ventilation. 

Ventilation System

When it comes to finding the right ventilation system, your kitchen layout plays a critical role. You need to determine if a ducted or ductless system suits your space. Ducted systems vent air outside, while ductless systems filter and recirculate it indoors. 

Grease Filter 

Grease filters are vital components of hood exhausts, especially in kitchens where frying and grilling are common cooking methods. High-quality grease filters can effectively trap these particles and prevent them from entering the ventilation system, thus reducing the risk of fire hazards.

Special Functions and Maintenance Tips 

In addition to cleaning, maintaining a hood exhaust is important. Some of these hoods come with special functions that can boost your cooking experience. This includes adjustable fan speed, built-in lighting, and timers for convenience and efficiency. Of course, they also come with a removable grease filter for cleaning. If you want to keep your kitchen exhaust hood working best, follow these tips. 

Remove grease accumulated at your grease filters at least once a month to ensure good airflow, and don’t let the grease pile up. If you neglect it for too long, you could end up with a bigger issue at hand. Make sure nothing is blocking or getting in the way of the ventilation. Replace or clean out the exhaust fan blades as needed so that their performance remains consistent.

Popular Exhaust Hoods at VEVOR 

Now, we’ll take a closer look at some popular hood exhausts available at VEVOR. 

VEVOR Commercial Exhaust Hood, 6FT Food Truck Hood Exhaust

A six-foot commercial exhaust hood perfect for food trucks, securing a clean and safe cooking environment. Made of stainless steel, Commercial Vent Hood for Food Truck features durable rust-resistant construction, so it stays around longer than most. 

VEVOR Commercial Exhaust Hood, 4FT Food Truck Hood Exhaust

This Hood is a four-by-thirty-inch concession hood designed specifically for food trucks and trailers. Hood Vents for Food Trucks uses the construction of 430 stainless steel to offer efficient ventilation.  The best part is that this efficient ventilation removes odors.

VEVOR Concession Trailer Hood, 6FT Long Food Truck Hood Exhaust

The 430 stainless steel VEVOR food truck exhaust hood delivers a cooking environment that’s clean and safe for food trucks.

VEVOR Commercial Exhaust Hood, 5FT Food Truck Hood Exhaust

Food Truck Vent Hood is a ventilation solution perfect for food trucks and concession trailers. It is a 5x30-inch concession hood that is built to be efficient and compact.

Benefits of Choosing VEVOR

By choosing VEVOR, you can access cooking equipment designed to cater to every kind of kitchen. From a house kitchen to restaurant kitchen equipment, we have it all! With an unwavering commitment to quality, you’ll also buy something that enhances kitchen ventilation and lasts forever. We offer competitive prices and a diverse selection to top it all off. Make us your one-stop destination!

FAQs about Exhaust Hoods

Q1: What’s the point of grease filters in exhaust hoods?

A1: They catch grease particles before they can enter your kitchen’s ventilation system. This reduces the risk of fires and keeps your kitchen clean and fresh.

Q2: Are VEVOR exhaust hoods good for commercial kitchens? 

A2: Yes, VEVOR has a range of hood exhausts specifically for commercial kitchens such as range hoods. They can handle the high demands of many cooking spaces because of their perfect flow rate. 

Q3: How often should I clean the grease filters of my exhaust hood? 

A3: You should regularly clean the grease filters on your kitchen exhaust hood. It’s best to do this at least once a month because grease gathers quickly because of the heat smoke. Keeping it clean will ensure proper ventilation and a long lifespan for your kitchen hood. 

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