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Extension Cords & Power Strips

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Unlocking the Potential of Extension Cords: Why You Should Have One

Extension cords are unsung heroes of our modern lives, providing the flexibility and convenience we need to power devices in various situations. Sometimes, you may badly need to give power to a machine or two in your workshop, but you lack the necessary equipment.

A reliable power supply is an undeniable asset to any organization; a quality extension cord will help you maintain it. You’ll need to get your power strip from a reliable vendor to establish and sustain safe electrical connections.

VEVOR is among the popular outlets for extension cords and power strips. Get yours today and enjoy home delivery and top quality.

Why Do You Need an Extension Cord

Extension cords serve many purposes, making them indispensable in our daily lives.

Whether setting up an outdoor event, powering tools in your garden, or arranging electronics at home, these cords extend your reach to electrical outlets. The VEVOR Outdoor RV Premium Power Cord lets you connect and power your motorhome from 50ft.

They offer convenience, flexibility, and temporary power distribution, ensuring you can establish multiple electrical connections from a single outlet.

Different Types of Extension Cords

Extension cords come in various types designed for specific needs. VEVOR offers two distinct types;

● RV Extension Cords

● Extension Cord Reels

RV Extension Cords

The VEVOR RV Extension cords are majorly used with RVs. If you’re camping in the woods and would love to power your RV, these cords will allow you to set up a secure electrical connection in minutes!

RV Extension cords boast long-distance connections, as the least you can get from our cords is 25 ft. The VEVOR Retractable Extension Cord Reel stretches 3.2 ft past the 50ft mark.

RV extension cords are mainly outdoor cords. And can withstand extreme weather. You can also use them for other outdoor uses.

Extension Cord Reels

Extension cord reels are designed to offer on-site convenience if you need to establish an electric connection. They are spool-like and are designed with a plastic casing to protect the cord from tear.

Like the RV Extension Cords, the VEVOR Retractable Extension Cord Reel offers up to 65 ft of long-distance electrical connections. They have a higher gauge rating than the rest in the market and will allow you to make a reliable connection.

They are suitable for indoor purposes and specifically for those appliances that won’t demand a lot of power. If used correctly, they offer everyday convenience for a long.

Choosing the Right Power Extension Cord

Selecting the right extension cord is crucial for safety and efficiency. The first step to choosing the right power extension cord is to ensure it’s from a trusted manufacturer.

Here are the key steps to ensuring you have the right power extension cord for each situation.

Check Extension Cord Capacity

Match the cord's gauge rating and length to your device's power requirements to prevent overloading. Overloading might damage your extension cord or, in worse situations, your appliance.

You don’t expect to use the 13 Amp Retractable Extension Cord on your RV. Using a heavy-duty extension cord for power-hungry tools or appliances is essential.

Consider Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

When using extension cords outdoors, opt for outdoor extension cords. They are designed to withstand excess moisture, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures both safety and longevity.

Keep indoor extension cords for indoor use only.

Safety Features

Look for cords with built-in safety features, such as surge protection and grounding, to protect your devices and prevent electrical hazards. The 36ft 50 Amp RV Power Extension Cord is NEMA-certified to be used in extreme weather.

Ensure You Have the Correct Length

Choose an appropriate length to avoid unnecessary slack or stretching. Longer extension cords can result in voltage drop, so balancing length with your specific needs is essential.

Extension Cord Ratings

Pay attention to cord ratings, such as UL-listed or ETL-listed, which indicate compliance with safety standards and regulations.

These certifications guarantee that the extension cord meets safety and performance criteria.

Why Choose VEVOR?

Extension cords are versatile tools that make our lives more convenient. Whether you need to power outdoor equipment with an outdoor extension cord, connect multiple devices using a power strip, or simply extend the reach of an indoor appliance, extension cords are the answer.

By choosing the right type and using them safely, you can unlock their full potential and enjoy the flexibility they offer.

VEVOR offers a rich catalog of RV Extension Cords and Extension Cord Reels to help you with electrical distribution. Check us out today and streamline your workshop’s electrical distribution.

FAQs about Extension Cords and Power Strips

1. Is it OK to use an Extension Cord with a Power Strip?

Yes. However, it is advisable not to plug an extension cord into another extension cord. Use only one extension cord and power strip per connection.

2. Is it safe to use all outlets on a power strip?

No! Using all outlets might result in overloading, making that an unhealthy practice.

3. How many cords can you plug into a power strip?

Three cords are enough. Ensure you’re balancing power usage, though. Always unplug the devices you’re not using.

4. What should you not use an extension cord for?

NEVER use an indoor extension cord for outdoor purposes. Again, don’t overload power-hungry devices to one power strip.

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