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Generator Extension Cord

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Generator Extension Cord
These extension cords enable an easier reach from your household tools, electrical appliances, and emergency power to your nearest power receptacle or electrical connection. They are great for distributing temporary power on the job site or campground. Solve your urgent need for electricity!
Considering different demands on electricity consumption, we provide various types of cords to meet your needs.

Cable for Powering a Single Device
If a lot of electrical equipment is not needed, then these types are budget-friendly choices. According to your different function preferences, you can choose the cable with twist locking to keep itself more stable and clean or the cable with a power light indicator to remind you the power is on for secure operation. The cables with bare wire on one side are also provided. More considerately, cables of each type range from 10 ft to 50 ft. Choose the appropriate length according to your work site. An adjustable power cord organizer is also equipped for neatly hanging and easy storage of the cords.

Cable for Powering Multi Devices
With the 4 outlets(4 x N5-20R) in 1 generator electrical adapter, you can use them to power a series of household appliances and tools. Compared to other ordinary plug designs, our locked plug is not easy to fall off due to the twist locking design. Available cord lengths are 15ft, 25ft, and 50 ft. You can use the strap to organize the cord neatly and carry it everywhere.

The above is a brief introduction to our generator extension cords. Different cables are waiting for you. Make your life more convenient with VEVOR and get ready to feel the difference!