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Playground Safety Netting

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Climbing Nets To Add Activities To Your Playground

Every playground needs a climbing cargo net; it not only elevates the entire playground but acts as the absolute attraction for all the children. Climbing nets are the ultimate addition to the playgrounds that enhance the outdoor experience not only for children but for adults as well. 

However, when it comes to playground activities, safety is of paramount importance. The playground climbing nets need to be modeled with the highest quality material to ensure safe playtime for your children. 

If you are looking to upgrade your playground to the next level but also want to create a safe environment, all while being fun, then look no further because VEVOR has the highest quality cargo nets for your playground. 

Types of Climbing Nets

Ever since adventure sports have taken a front-row seat among children for playtime activities, the climbing nets' popularity has been on the rise. 

However, there are a couple of types of playground cargo nets available in the market, and you should know the details before you go splurging on playtime activity equipment.

Cargo Nets

Primarily designed to hold cargo in place, the cargo nets can also be repurposed as climbing nets. They have a similar structure with sturdy built, thus making them a suitable option for cargo nets for climbing.

Climbing Nets

Climbing nets are meant for recreational activities only. The playground climbing nets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as tunnel nets and pyramid nets. The material quality of the climbing nets for playgrounds depends upon their purpose. 

Rope Climbing Nets

As the name suggests, rope climbing nets are made with ropes in contrast to climbing cargo nets that are made with polyester. 

The climbing rope nets are made for extreme sports and are usually more durable than a simple playground net. A rope cargo net is also sturdier in build and can hold more weight than other climbing nets.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Climbing Nets

Cargo net climbing is all the rage these days. Thus, everyone is purchasing climbing nets for playgrounds. However, while purchasing a climbing rope net, you need to be aware of a few key factors. The following factors play a major role in the decision process of buying a playground cargo net.

Safety and Durability 

Climbing nets chosen for a playground need to be vetted carefully in terms of safety and durability. The activities associated with cargo net climbing are farther on the adventurous end; hence, safety needs to be of utmost importance. 

If the cargo climb net is made with strengthened material, then it will turn out to be durable and safe to use as well. While analyzing the climbing net for safety, you should check the load-bearing capacity in addition to padding and fall protection gear. 

Size and Configuration 

Determine the purpose of your cargo net for climbing before making a purchase. The size and configuration of the climbing net depend upon its purpose. 

A climbing net intended for children's playgrounds will usually be simpler, while the one intended for adults might be a little higher on the difficulty scale. 


Before purchasing the cargo net for climbing, you need to assess the area where the net will be placed. The procedure to install the net for climbing, as well as its maintenance tips, make a huge difference in the type of climbing net you purchase. 

Features of Climbing Nets

Since cargo net climbing is all the hype these days in fitness facilities, gyms, adventure courses, and playgrounds, one needs to be aware of the features of a classic climbing net. The material used in climbing net manufacturing is sturdy and chosen for its longevity; thus, usually, climbing nets for playgrounds are made out of nylon. The mesh size and thickness of the material vary in every climbing net. 

The cargo climb nets meant for children are built with simpler materials and small mesh sizes. In contrast, those that are built for adults and rigorous activities have larger mesh sizes and thicker ropes, offering a higher level of difficulty. Cargo Climb nets are also very easy to maintain, given that they only require mild soap and water to wash off any dirt that players bring on them.

Climbing Nets at VEVOR

Here are a few world-class climbing nets that are available at VEVOR for sale. 

VEVOR Climbing Cargo Net, 6.6 x 10.5 ft

The vibrant color of the climbing net catches every kid's attention as soon as they enter the playground. The ample mesh size, along with the knotless construction of the net, provides a safe climbing space for kids. 

VEVOR Climbing Cargo Net, 14.8 x 14.8 ft

A premium addition to your outdoor adventure activities, this climbing cargo net is made with durable double-layered polyester and can hold approximately 500 lbs of weight at one time. 

VEVOR Climbing Cargo Net, 10.5 x 10.5 ft

This rainbow-colored 10.5x10.5 ft climbing cargo net is the ultimate addition to any outdoor playground. The net is composed of premium polyester, thus ensuring durability and safety. Enhance your outdoor space with this durable climbing net.

VEVOR Climbing Cargo Net, 10.5 x 10.5 ft

This classic black-colored rope cargo net is crafted from double-layered polyester, making it the perfect addition to playgrounds and fitness areas for physical challenges. It can also be used for other outdoor activities, including being used in a tree house or used as a hammock. 

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

VEVOR offers a diverse selection of climbing nets and cargo nets. Whether you need a rope cargo net or a simple playground net, VEVOR has got it all.

Moreover, our products are built to last, ensuring safety and longevity. Enjoy the highest quality equipment at affordable prices.

FAQs About Climbing Nets

Q1: How to ensure the safety of playground climbing nets?

A1: The safety of a playground cargo net can be ensured by regular maintenance and routine tests to check sturdiness.

Q2: Can climbing nets also be used in indoor settings?

A2: Yes, if the indoor environment has the right wall and place to install a climbing net, then surely it can be used for indoor activities.

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