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Pull-Up Bar

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Get Your Pull-up Bar and Dip Bar At VEVOR

Give your core and upper body a new shape with the VEVOR dip station. Add these to your exercise and fitness equipment collection at a commercial or home gym. A heavy-duty pull-up dip bar is available in multiple sizes, features, and prices, allowing you to choose the one that defines your needs.

This power tower has parallel handles to support the body weight when you perform the dips. They are the perfect tools to build your upper body strength, targeting chest and shoulder muscle groups. If you want to improve your body weight, enhance your bench press, and power up your muscles, add a pull-up bar and dips to your workout spaces.

Types Of Dip Pull-Up Station

A pull-up bar with a dip station is not just a stand to hang your body. Instead, you need a high-quality dip station whether you need home workouts or want to add it to your professional gym center. But before choosing the best one, you need to know the types.

Mounted Door Frame Bars

You can easily mount these to your doors and enjoy the pull-up bars features in less space.


Require less space




Not suitable for professional usage

Leverage Mounted Door Bars

These dip bars are designed to be attached to the front edge of the door, where it balances by leveraging your upper body weight.




Perfect for home workouts


Less Safe

Wall, Ceiling, or Joist Mounts

You can attach these dips to your wall or ceiling, depending on your ease. If you are looking for a better option for your home gym equipment, you can have no better choice than this one.



More secure



Difficult to install

Tower of Free-Standing Bars

Those with a gym center who need a high-quality pull-up and dip bar can add this one. As the name implies, it is a tower of free-standing bars capable of bearing more weight during a body workout.


Professional equipment

Best for commercial gyms

Can bear more weight



Things You Shouldn’t Ignore While Purchasing A Dip Pull-Up Station

Mostly, you’ll find pull-up bars that cost above $100, so you must be careful when spending this much money. Some of the factors you must consider are mentioned for you to have a better pull-up dip bar. 

Weight Capacity

Different dip bars come with multiple weight capacities. You need to consider the amount of weight you plan to put on this equipment before deciding on a particular one. Remember that a considerable weight user is more prone to falling quickly, so the weight capacity must be high.

Space at Your Home

Depending on the type of power tower you select will require different spaces. Some piece of equipment need more space while others can even adjust on your doors. So, you need to be careful when selecting the dimensions of the dip pull-up station.


Do not compromise on the stability features because if your dip bars are designed with stability and safety features, you can have better usage. This is even more important when you are selecting a door-mounted pull-up bar.

Features and Maintenance Tips For Dip Station

Staying healthy is crucial today, and a pull-up bar with dip station is your best solution. They allow you to hang on them, giving you the perfect body workout and strength to your core. Their best feature is the convenience they offer by fitting into small places. This makes a power tower a perfect fit for your home gym.

Taking care of a pull-up bar with dip station is crucial for their long-lasting life. Avoid too much contact with wet cleaning clothes, as this can cause your equipment to rust. When not in use, properly store the pull-up and dip bar.

VEVOR’s Top-Selling Pull-Up Bar And Dips

If you are still confused about which pull-up bar and dips you should purchase for upper body strength, here are some of the best options.

VEVOR 330LBS Pull-Up Dip Station Power Tower

This portable pull-up station is designed to withstand at least 220 LBS weight. You can easily dismantle this pull-up dip bar into smaller tubes, making it portable.

VEVOR Dip Pull-Up Station Adjustable Power Tower 

Enjoy the two height levels with the portable dip bar to fit your needs. With an option to opt for 35 different exercises with this one piece of equipment, you can tone your body muscles at home.

VEVOR 220LBS Pull-Up Dip Station Power Tower Station 

Go for pull-up and dip bar stations to elevate your experience. This piece of equipment gives you excellent performance, helping you to stay fit and healthy.

Reasons To Purchase From VEVOR

Caring for our customers, we offer you upper-body fitness equipment to maintain body weight and train the muscle groups. Knowing why you should get your equipment from us can help you get fantastic equipment. 

Durable Products

Each product from our store is designed to give you long-lasting usage so you don't have to invest in the products frequently. This way, we help you to save your money.

Positive Customer Reviews

You can witness the positive customer reviews on our products, which shows the reliability and quality of the day bars we sell at VEVOR.

FAQs about Dip Bars

Q1. Why is the pull-up bar and dips angled?

A1. By doing so, the space between them narrows toward the bar on which they're mounted and widens as they move away. So, there’s an improved function of these pull-up bars.

Q2. How high should a dip bar be?

A2. Normally, dip bars can be as high as 5 feet. However, to have more or less leg room, you can change the height of the dip bar as preferred if you select the pull-up and dip bar wall mounted.

Q3. How much body weight can a pull-up dip bar withstand?

A3. Depending on the type of dip bar used, the maximum weight capabilities can change. Most commonly, this equipment can withstand 250 to 500 + pounds weight.

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