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William King William King
Good and bad
The only thing I didnt like was that the seatback only has a lock on one side but for the price its a good prouduct. also you may need to change some of the fasteners to a better selection but i'm picky that way.
Dan Dan
Good value for your buck
This is what you would expect. It's cheaper than other racing setups for a reason. Chair is fine and sturdy. I'm 6'3 and didnt fit in standard setup. I knew I wouldn't when I bought it. I used pieces of wood to angle and lift the frame where it needed. This is a decent product if you research what other frames cost.
A. R. Johnson A. R. Johnson
Decent quality, lacking helpful instructions
Overall, this is a good rig for a racing wheel setup. The seat is comfortable and of much better quality than I expected for the price. The base seems sturdy and the foot pedals stay in place very well. All of the screws required to bolt the Logitech G29 to the rig were included. However, the main bar that supports the wheel seems to easily tilt. This isn_ really an issue, but I wish there was a way to lock it at the preferred angle. The major downside is the assembly process. The _nstructions included are a one page diagram that is of low resolution and very hard to decipher. If you have little to no experience putting together furniture this is going to be a very frustrating process. I threw the instructions to the side and just assembled using logic and process of elimination. I do have two extra bolts left, but everything is tight and solid.
Justin Justin
Easy to assemble once you find tight video.
Awesome product!!
Loni Gaming Loni Gaming
Love it and good price
For the price its a really good racing sim setup very strong and i love the seat and its wasnt very hard to set it up
Michelle munoz Michelle munoz
Outstanding material very strong
I love it. The chair is so comfortable easy to handle it. To assemble it it's a little complicated to many screws but and the end went I saw it all assemble together. It's amazing
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Very good seat worth the money
Assembling was terrible not very good directions
Jacob C. Jacob C.
I am so glad I chose this product!
I love this product. The seat is so comfortable and the way everything is set up, it actually feels like sitting in a race car! Assembly was a breeze. Quick and easy. I recommend to anyone who wants to have a great time and be comfortable while you do it.

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