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Jimbo Jimbo
All Good
Great seller! Fast response, accurate description. A great product at a very good price, delivered quickly. Pleasure doing business with.
Nutcase DIYer Nutcase DIYer
Good value for money. Not super precision but good enough. Robustly made and rather heavy. [not sure why this review must contain a minimum number of characters].
mfletch mfletch
Good old cast iron
Made of cast iron but needs a complete strip down an excellent clean and deburring lots of sharp edges but once done its usable as a drill table and very light milling.
Alan Wallington Alan Wallington
Very pleased with this item. Please bear in mind I am not precision engineer, I am a wood worker mainly interested with wood turning. Now and again I have the need for a metal work lathe, but I cannot justify buying one, so I have converted my wood lathe into a metal work lathe. To achieve this I purchased this simple compound table, a tool post and tool holder and a set of metal turning tools. OK, it not a Colchester or any other precise lathe but used very gently it works a treat. Had to rebuild the table of course! Would recommend just adding an m6 nut to the handwheels.
Ann Mackenzie Ann Mackenzie
Not perfect but worth the money.
Good casting but required the end thrust bearings replaced.Easy job. Used to hold a job next to my milling head. Very happy with purchase
BigBertie BigBertie
What I expected for the price was something that was basically sound but had been shoddily assembled, was probably unusable as delivered but with fettling could be turned into a decent bit of kit. That is exactly what I got! About 5 hours later and it’s pretty good, perfectly sufficient with a drill press and OK for light milling. Non existent quality control resulted in an excellent price. Rough edges, nibs, wobbling, paint overspray on running surfaces, hand wheels incorrectly sized meant that bearings and calibrated wheels didn’t work. Oh, and no grease anywhere so although easier to clean, hardly surprising that everything felt rough. However, cleaning, filing, sanding, deburring, scraping off paint and lubricating worked wonders. The hand wheels needed touching up on the lathe…the tolerances were wrong so rotating parts were either too tight or too loose. I couldn’t have done it without a lathe but it wasn’t difficult work with one and everything now runs smoothly and accurately. The cast iron is quite soft but that makes it easier to tweak. The only thing I’ve yet to do after installing on my drill press is to check the horizontals of the table. I expect it to be out but it should be easy to simply shim it up to get everything square. So if you want to use it out if the box…awful….but if you’re happy and able to put in a few hours setting the thing up properly, you’ll have a decent xy table with no side play and smooth operation for a very good price. Am I happy that I bought it? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes…with the above provisos. Overall rating ** as received, but ***** after fettling.
Oil-less Dave Oil-less Dave
A passable X/Y Table
Many reviews focus on the finish of these tables, in most respects mine was usable out of the box. I stripped it and relieved all sharp edges but found the ways to be adequately ground so just lubricated. Thrust bearings were present and the gib strips adjusted to leave free movement with no play. The only issue was the perfunctory flaky chroming of the hand wheels which I had to clean up!. For the price I was impressed but have yet to affirm the levels on the horizontal plane. Not so critical on drill press but important for milling? Overall a worthwhile purchase.
Simon Simon
Great value for money, had to adjust the lead screws to take up the backlash but works great. A cheap way of converting a pillar drill into a milling machine.
Dustin Dustin
Heavy Duty!
There is a little slop in the XY when it arrives, but tightening the shims and a teardown/rebuild fixes most of it. Unless you are doing heavy milling operations--BUY IT! I turned my milling table into the XY of a DIY Lathe. So long as the shims are tight, the cuts are clean! I'm incredibly impressed by the craftsmenship of this milling table. Definitely definitely worth the money!

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