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Gordon Gordon
Excellent! now used for the first time and performed superbly, first class product constructed from good quality materials, great service, couldn’t be happier!
alan moores alan moores
Great piece of kit... does with ease exactly what it's supoosed to! Great value. Great service. Great product.
Karen Karen
It’s quite solid and looks well made. I have used it twice already and no obvious flaws have been detected
David David
Excellent product
This is an excellent product, very competitively priced, great quality and delivered in a very short time. Thoroughly recommended.
Lucy Hearth Lucy Hearth
Ordered my honey extractor and I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve now used it twice and can honestly say it was worth every penny, well made, sturdy and easy to use but most importantly easy to dismantle and clean.
Sean H Sean H
Great for the price.
I bought this honey extractor as I am new to bee keeping. An I bought this extractor as it was a good price and I can not compare it to anything else but it was easy to use and done the job with ease. It can shake some but I didn't bolt it to the ground like it is supposed to be. Excellent
Peter Jollands Peter Jollands
Really good spinner-easy action and so efficient. We were using an ancient one before and this one was so fast in comparison it blew apart the combs at our first attempt, so be gentle! Have also tried a friend's 3 frame one which was also superb
Brian Mathews Brian Mathews
Having read some reviews before buying, I knew the extractor was going to be a bit big for my national frames. Quick addition of some cable ties and the extractor works a treat. Smashn quality and price and quick delivery. Delighted new beekeeper.
Pixelpopper Pixelpopper
A good spinner, well made & appears very durable, price is excellent & around the same as a plastic spinner so even better value. Unfortunately the spinner won’t hold UK National frames without the addition of some cable clips (or similar) to hold the frames in place when spinning. That said I have extracted 8 national supers without any problems, 1 star lost due to the slight restriction mentioned but I would still recommend this machine.
Mike Mike
Great product and price for a small time apiarist. This product extracted all my frames well. Being critical of the product which could be an easy fix going forward. I was extracting from national super frames, they sit at an angle across the inner cage and the lug of the frame makes contact with the inside of the drum. This can make loading and turning the frames time consuming a sometimes difficult. You could supply stainless steel clips to fix the frame to the inner cage. I got round this by using s/s wire in a small loop connected to the top of the inner cage to hold the frame upright in the bottom bracket making it far easier..

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