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VEVOR 3'' Lockdown Vise Milling Drilling Machine Clamp Vice Precise Scale CNC

Customer Reviews for VEVOR 3'' Lockdown Vise Milling Drilling Machine Clamp Vice Precise Scale CNC

80 mm Nodular Cast Iron

Customer Reviews

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Nic Nic
Solid piece of kit. I am using it for clock mending, with some jaw protectors. Its weight means I can use it mounted on a piece of wood placed when needed on the bench.
Tecni10 Tecni10
The vice arrived well packaged and throughly oiled. Overall I am now very happy with the quality of construction. Initially I was unable to mill to a true square and after using a Dial indicator, I found that the fixed jaw was not completely square to the vice bed. I removed this fixed jaw, cleaned off the surplus oil and made sure the mating surfaces were completely smooth. After reassembly the fixed jaw was measuring correctly. The vice is very easy to tighten but I find the supplied jointed lever quite awkward to use. I remedied this by making a small handle so now I can open and close the vice very quickly, only using the supplied lever to achieve maximum tightness. I expect to get many years of use from this vice and would not hesitate to recommend this vice to other engineers.
Xonig Xonig
Excellent for the price. I would not pay more for this vice, as it has some (very minor) rough edges. However, I would purchase another, should I need one (smaller or larger version, for example). So far I have been very impressed with Vevor products and service. No complaints from me.
Rubythursday Rubythursday
6" Vice
For the money it's an excellent vice. The keys need to be machined to suit the machine it is to be used on, but no big deal. Very pleased so far.
4” milling vice
Does what it says on the tin. Needed a quick once over with a needle file for a bit of deburring, but at this price there is nothing to complain about.
Steve Perry Steve Perry
All surfaces within 25 microns. Only fault was brass bush on leadscrew not drilled through for oil feed. Oiler above it was therefore a waste of space! Drilled out bush and now very happy with vice!
C bucknall C bucknall
This is the fourth item I have purchased from vervor and I am very happy with all of them, the vice was bought for my shaper and it works well does not slip or move when in use, I also have the larger 100mm vice on my mill, also happy with its clamping power and accuracy.
Geoffrey Home Geoffrey Home
Very pleased with my purchase. These two smaller vices complement a larger one. I was expecting to see the coolant drain, but this rotating model is perhaps too small for that.
gog gog
milling vice
It's cheap and cheerful, for the money it's bloody good, I ran a dti over it and it was within 0.01mm on X,Y&Z. edges needed easing as many youtube reviews have said, The base was pretty good I ran a stone over it and although not absolutely perfect I wasn't concerned about anything. The jaws I will probably replace as when the vice arrived they were ground flat on the top, I assume once assembled. once taken apart there is no repeatability. I had to jiggle them about a bit to get them back trammed with the dti. but hey ho it's not a Kurt and not a Kurt price. I can't really comment on the swivel base as I only checked for parallelism. for the deg if I wanted accuracy I would use a sine bar anyway. One thing I did notice was 0 deg started underneath the screw, making 90 deg to the side where there is a mark for setting, no problem for me though. I have the vice on the bed with no base, used my own T nuts and bolts as they were better. For the money it is very good value in my opinion, and would not hesitate in purchasing another should the need arise .
John John
Very good value. Strong and well made. More than accurate enough for my hobby and repair shop. The only reason I did not give it Five stars all round was the very quaint English the manual is written in. Still, if you can't drive a vice without a manual you are probably not safe to be in a workshop anyway.

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