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Water Trampoline For Dynamic Recreational Uses

Fun lovers, imagine yourselves on a sunny day sitting by the lakes, and there are echoes of laughter and an irresistible desire to fly over the water's surface. A bouncing heaven on the water attracts all your loved ones to surround you. With that said, the magic inflatable trampoline by VEVOR brings some leisure time into your life.

In this aquatic spectacle, the jump surfaces take the front seat. VEVOR's water trampolines have up-to-date jump surfaces for the best bounce and longevity. Imagine the pure exhilaration of flying through the air under the strong, flexible jump surface beneath.

VEVOR with its water trampoline for sale knows how to inject a sense of fun into every moment. Hence, we blend water trampolines into toys and games. Brace yourselves and prepare to plunge in, go spring, and make every moment unforgettable!

Water Trampolines We Offer

We are happy to present an eclectic array of options to transform your waterfront into a dance haven. Each water trampoline for sale comes in either classic PVC or commercial grade, depending on its uniqueness.

Standard PVC Water Trampolines

Ticket to timeless water fun. Made from strong PVC, this inflatable trampoline for lakes and ponds offers a classic bouncy feeling and serves as a reliable float for continuous jumps.

PVC is a strong element and, thus, handles splashes and rough play. It fits a variety of water settings, from lazy afternoons to adventurous lake days.

Commercial-Grade Nylon Trampolines

Water play’s heavy lifters. Made of commercial-grade nylon, these trampolines are built to last for water park bouncy structures with durable structures.

Extremely resistant to extreme weather and UV rays. Suitable for water parks and resorts that require durable, heavy-duty equipment.

Inflatable Springless Water Bouncers

These water bouncers turn the tradition on its head by eliminating the springs for a gentler, controlled movement. Suitable for kid-appropriate water playing that is safer and more convenient.

Suitable for people who love a more gentle water bouncing. Spring elimination minimizes the probability of accidents.

Maintenance Of Water Trampoline

We've covered you, from basic cleaning tips to picking out and mending many punctures. Keep your water trampoline as good and bouncy as on its day of first use.

Maintain The Proper Air Pressure

Inflatable water park products can be used safely only if the inflation is maintained properly. Under-inflated products flex more during usage, which can cause discomfort to the user, less bounce height, and wear out easily. Over-inflation can cause stress on the seams, leading to leaks and permanent damage.

Clean the PVC Fabric

Inflated products can get dirty and stained with algae and other pollutants. A clean product is more beautiful and prevents friction and surface scratches that may reduce the product's lifespan. Rinse using a mild citrus soap like Lemon Joy liquid dish soap. Petroleum-based or pumice-based cleaners or power washers must never be used.

Applying UV protectant

Water trampolines made of the same high-quality material as other inflatables are initially coated with a UV-blocking agent, but sunlight will still degrade the material over time. Applying a UV protectant to the tube's exposed surface regularly will ensure your product's longevity.


Store the product inflated and lie it down on a clean and even surface. Clean thoroughly, then leave to dry fully. Place this product in a clean, dry location and away from any moisture and direct sunlight. However, keeping inside a tightly sealed container containing moth balls or dryer sheets is ideal to protect against rodent damage.

What To Consider for Water Trampoline

Regardless of whether you are a water enthusiast preparing for your first go on a trampoline or an experienced bouncer who wishes to elevate your game, we have everything you need. We'll deal with important aspects of selecting the ideal size for your aquatic area and understanding variations in materials.

Weight Limit

For the largest models, some water tramps hold between 500 lbs and as high as 2000 lbs. Consequently, several kids jumping on them at one time or even adults is possible.


Water trampolines consist of heavyweight-grade PVC material. Therefore, the thicker or thinner the PVC you choose for the trampoline depends on how many people and how much wear is likely to be experienced by the trampoline.


In most cases, a trampoline comes with an anchorage kit for attachment. However, the type of anchorage for your trampoline would be determined by the specific conditions of the water, such as the depth in which it is located or the different kinds of water beds, among others.


This is the most exciting part when one turns the entire inflatable trampoline into a tiny water park. The trampoline has many crazy add-ons, like slides, logs, and insane "blast" bags that propel you into the sky!

Elite VEVOR Water Trampolines

Unfolding the glam of the Elite series from VEVOR – it's not about a simple water trampoline but an entrance into high-quality aqua entertainment. Prepare for the height of inflatable trampoline refinement with the VEVOR Elite Water Trampoline!

Inflatable Water Bouncer with Yellow Slide

Summertime party starts here, on a 10ft large bouncing surface. The inflatable water trampoline with a slide can handle a maximum weight of 880 lb and contains quite a large number of children who are jumping around the trampoline. The trampoline is of thickened 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin. The setup of this water trampoline takes hardly a minute since it undergoes fast inflation and deflation. A water trampoline makes a good swim, fishing, and sunbathing platform.

Water trampoline with 4-Step Ladder

This small water trampoline is made of vinyl PVC tarpaulin with 0.9mm thickness, which gives a non-slip, durable, and water-resistant quality. Its large bouncer has a footprint capacity of 880 lbs. Good bounce with every jump, thanks to a spring-less bungee cord and nylon mat. Its four-step safe soft ladder and many handles on each trampoline will make it easy for the kids to access the platform, play in between the breaks, or enjoy sunbathing.

Round Green & White Water Trampoline

This water bouncer is 10 feet by feet in size. This is made out of eco-friendly PVC Tarpaulin. It takes very little time for installation and dismantling. You can hold the handle and slide smoothly. Adults should ensure they monitor children when playing—an ideal product for converting a pond and a lake into a swimming site.

13 ft Inflatable Water Bouncer

Experience the thrill of jumping on a spacious 13 ft trampoline. This combination features a spring-less bungee cord and interwoven nylon webbed mat ideal for maximum elasticity. The water trampoline has quick inflation & deflation. You can jump off it or hang off doing whatever with your family. This inflatable water trampoline works well on all kinds of water, like lakes, oceans, or pools.

Why VEVOR For Water Trampolines?

Are you lifting your aquatic adventures through Vevor? But first, figure out why. VEVOR doesn't have a single category of water trampoline for sale but a world of options and styles for any mood or taste. We make our water trampolines with dedication and love so they have what it takes to withstand every splash adventure! Go jumping with confidence that you have an excellent companion on the water. Why can't joy be free of charge? VEVOR is a paradox in which quality and affordability come together for ultimate convenience. Want to know about customer service? Our customer service is crown-in-the-jewel. Contact us because we are at a hop, skip, and jump from.

Oh, and did we mention it? VEVOR plays well with others. Therefore, VEVOR effortlessly complements Island hopper accessories for individuals who relish multiple choices. Combine with Island hopper accessories for a truly epic water play.

So, why are you taking so long? Go ahead, dive in, bring along the VEVOR!

FAQs About Water Trampolines

Q1: Could I operate a water trampoline on the sea?

A1: This will depend upon the type of trampoline. These include operating in calm waters, such as on a lake, and managing rougher conditions. Always determine if the product is appropriate for marine purposes.

Q2: What is the best way of anchoring my inflatable water trampoline?

A2: Great question! Ensure that your trampoline is appropriately stabilized using strong straps and anchors. Make suitable adjustments of tension to water condition and never drift.

Q3: How do I patch a hole in my small water jumpy?

A3: Patch it up! The majority of trampoline brands come with repair kits. Ensure you identify the puncture, clean the area, attach adhesive, and fix the patch. That is why it is a quick fix; that is why fun doesn't stop.

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