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Vacuum Pumps

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High-Quality HVAC Vacuum Pumps and AC Vacuum Pumps by VEVOR

Global warming has left us all dependent on air conditioners. Air conditioners have become the need of the hour whether you choose to install a centralized air conditioning system or single units in every room. Even the air conditioners need uplifting with such hot weather, dust, and pollution. The HVAC and AC vacuum pumps do just the right job of elevating your ACs. 

As always, VEVOR offers an extensive range of HVAC and AC vacuum pumps built specifically to enhance your air conditioning systems. 

Vacuum Pumps and their Types

VEVOR has a diverse catalog of products regarding air conditioning systems. Whether it's HVAC or AC vacuum pumps, you will find them all at VEVOR.

Single-Stage Vacuum Pumps

Single-stage vacuum pumps are the most common ones; they create suction through their revolving vanes and remove hot air and gases from the room.


Perfect for HVAC systems




It cannot be used for commercial systems.

Double-Stage Vacuum Pumps

The double-stage vacuum pump allows pumping in two stages; in the first stage, the initial vacuum is created. And in the second stage, the pressure is reduced even more for deeper vacuuming. 


Provides deep vacuum cleaning 

Durable system 

Works for residential as well as commercial systems



Heavy machinery 

HVAC Vacuum Pump Models available at VEVOR

HVAC Vacuum Pump Kit

This refrigeration kit is a single-stage HVAC vacuum pump made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, a copper motor, and a shockproof base. Furthermore, the kit comprises dual pressure gauges and four hoses with brass fittings. 

Vacuum Pump for AC Car

This 4.5 CFM AC vacuum pump includes a gauge set, a single-stage rotary vane, three colored hoses, and a refrigerant kit for air conditioners. All the features fit perfectly in a single bag for portability and easy upkeep. 

Resin Vacuum Pump

It is a single-stage 4 CFM HVAC vacuum pump with a copper motor and non-oil flow-back design. The three-gallon stainless steel chamber can withstand high temperatures and has two silencers and a 50-micron air filter. 

110v Vacuum Pump

This 12 CFM 1 HP single-stage air conditioning vacuum pump is the ultimate refrigeration kit with 110V and 5Pa energy capacity. The machine has a built-in thermoregulation system and an oil backflow prevention mechanism. 

Vacuum Chamber with Pump

The 7CFM vacuum chamber with pump is a heavy-duty vacuum pump with an oil capacity of 250 ml and an overall coolant capacity of 5 gallons. The pump can handle up to 30 Hg pressure and has shockproof features and thermal protection.

Features of HVAC Vacuum Pumps and AC Vacuum Pumps

These vacuum pumps are deployed by professionals for commercial HVAC maintenance and by homeowners for manual maintenance of air conditioning systems. The vacuum pumps for HVAC create a steady vacuum in the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. 

The air conditioning vacuum pumps create a high-level vacuum in low-pressure conditions of ACs. Then, the pumps remove air and moisture from the air conditioning systems. The vacuum pumps include safety features like built-in gas ballast and thermal protection for self-maintenance and regulation. 

Most of the vacuum pumps for HVAC are easily portable and manageable for transport. 

Reasons to Choose VEVOR

With air conditioning systems being the sole temperature managers and the economic situation in shackles, it is important to decide about vacuum pumps carefully. However, choosing VEVORr for your HVAC vacuum pump needs has several advantages. Here are the benefits of choosing VEVOR as your air conditioner vacuum pump provider. 

When you choose VEVOR for your HVAC vacuum pump needs, you're making a decision that comes with several advantages:

Easy Installation

Hiring a technician in this economy to add a vacuum pump to the HVAC system is a huge expense. Thus, VEVOR ensures that its air conditioning vacuum pumps are easy to install for everyone. Whether you are a trained professional or a DIY enthusiast, VEVOR’s products will never give you a hard time.

Wide Selection

VEVOR can satisfy your need for a vacuum pump whether you are uprooting your home’s air conditioning system or you are a professional who works with heavy-duty commercial ACs. Multiple vacuum pumps and refrigeration kits are available for sale at the VEVOR website. 

Quality Assurance

The vacuum pumps for HVAC for air conditioning systems have copper motors for efficacy, shockproof bases for durability, and built-in thermal regulation for easy maintenance. Regarding air conditioner vacuum pumps, VEVOR ensures only the best quality material is used, ensuring reliability and consistent performance. 

Competitive Prices

VEVOR understands the economic burden on everyone with the highest-ever electricity bills. Thus, we manage to produce high-quality vacuum pumps for AC at affordable rates. The entire selection of vacuum pumps for AC is sold at competitive prices by VEVOR. 


VEVOR's HVAC and AC vacuum pumps are regarded as some of the best in the market due to their diverse features. The VEVOR’s air conditioner vacuum pumps have a gas ballast feature to prevent oil contamination, thus saving you a ton of hassle during maintenance. The pressure gauges of VEVOR’s vacuum pumps are extremely easy to read. The system is built with high-quality, lightweight material, thus offering easy portability and durability. 

FAQ’s about HVAC Vacuum Pump

Q1: Can an HVAC vacuum pump be used for residential air conditioning systems? 

A1: Absolutely! The single-stage vacuum pumps available in the VEVOR product portfolio are the perfect choice for enhancing the functionality of residential air conditioners.

Q2: How do I maintain my AC vacuum pump? 

A2: The vacuum pumps available at VEVOR are easy to maintain as they are built with self-regulatory mechanisms; you just need to keep the device clean and oil levels at the optimum point.

Q3: Can we use VEVOR vacuum pumps for commercial systems? 

A3: Yes! The double-stage vacuum pumps at VEVOR can be applied to enhance commercial ACs; even the high-functionality single-stage vacuum pumps can also handle commercial air conditioning systems. 

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